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  1. Shahriar Khan's rating of the film Priceless

    Charming, sprightly, tables-turning rom-com. Almost worth watching for the dresses alone, definitely worth watching for the chemistry between Audrey Tautou and the Buster Keaton-like Gad Elmaleh. In fact, the only thing non-effervescent about the whole thing is the flat stage champagne on show.

  2. Sunil Chopade's rating of the film Priceless

    Likable people scheming and gadding about (in unusually nice digs).

  3. moviedream's rating of the film Priceless

    Fantastic movie! Funny very romantic and clever. Definitely recommend!

  4. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Priceless

    It's like a Bay of Angels by Jaques Demis, only lightned and fluffed up. Priceless!

  5. tonnu108's rating of the film Priceless

    its cute, but not very fascinating

  6. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Priceless

    A universe swimming in incredible films and this fills 1of 30 slots? 14 of today’s 30 films are Francophone! (1.5 of 30 directed by women) Seriously: are MUBI’s French curators running US programming? Spelling mistakes and odd English in the synopsis/‘our take’ but pâtisserie gets the accent over the a, which is used in French but not in English? What’s next? A Jerry Lewis retrospective with commentary by Lacan?

  7. Urara's rating of the film Priceless

    cute rom-com with sexy dresses and a nice tempo with a reward at the end

  8. B.'s rating of the film Priceless

  9. Heather Assed's rating of the film Priceless

    Predictable but in a comforting and charming way. An easy watch that leaves you with a smile on your face.

  10. srijitabanerjee459's rating of the film Priceless

    In this time and age, Audrey doesn’t eat breakfast at Tiffany’s or casually stroll down fifth avenue with coffee, doesn’t offers you mille tendresses or sings moon river to the dusty tunes of her guitar on her brownstone balconies- instead she sips Chardonnay at the French Riviera and looks out for her next big catch, meets her Fred and reminds us all of that blessed time and place, the sixties in NYC.

  11. Steve's rating of the film Priceless

    Amusing, but not terribly. The moral compasses of the major characters are, to say the least, flawed. Nice locations that let us know the rich have it way better than the rest of us.

  12. Mauricio Vega's rating of the film Priceless

    The film appeals to the culture of no effort, easy money, prostitution, consumerism and hedonism; glamorized by a love history between two characters with basically low self-esteem in front of the rich, who at the end try to reconcile with love “ridding” higher moral values, un-successfully IMHO. Somehow funny moments but in a Hollywood way.

  13. Collin's rating of the film Priceless

    I don't want to hate it for being playful, but how many films run with the premise that winning a girl's heart starts with tricking her into the bed. This tries to redeem itself by having no good person at all, but still resigns them to a carelessly happy and free ending.

  14. Matthew's rating of the film Priceless

  15. Kenneth Gentry's rating of the film Priceless

    "I arrived this morning. I was dumped this evening."

  16. Michael Rozek's rating of the film Priceless

    A flawlessly constructed and executed French farce and film--and so, by definition, one wholly entertaining and ever-so-gently reflective. Tautou and Elmaleh are perfect, the film's incidental music is unusually attractive and incisive, and the settings are lushly and wonderfully displayed. A cinematic confection that--though made 13 years ago--is a blissful breeze of filmic fresh air in an ever-darkening world.

  17. Xénia's rating of the film Priceless

  18. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Priceless

    Being poor is better if dressed in fabulous clothes?

  19. FISCHER's rating of the film Priceless

    Une oeuvre humoristique et sentimentale plutôt agréable, doublée d'un estimable succès commercial, avec un excellent Gad Elmaleh, silhouette lunaire et pathétique, une kyrielle de situations drôles et délicieusement coupées au cordeau, un constant rythme allègre et fort bien mené, mais aussi un in(volontaire) hommage aux incontournables comédies américaines d'antan.

  20. wiwitaek's rating of the film Priceless

  21. Lorenzo's rating of the film Priceless

    Shallow but entertaining!

  22. Pius Strassmann's rating of the film Priceless

    gute schauspieler - aber dieses thema! ein graus. ein film voller klischees: reiche sind gefühllose monster, arme habe das recht, diese zu betrügen, wirkliche liebe zwischen arm und reich ist nicht möglich - ein fürchterlicher quatsch das ganze!

  23. RadiantFlux's rating of the film Priceless

    Neither as naughty or romantic as it wanted to be.

  24. Melmoe's rating of the film Priceless

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