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  1. Photo of Joan Craft

    Joan Craft Director

  2. Photo of Nemone Lethbridge

    Nemone Lethbridge Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jane Austen

    Jane Austen Novel

  4. Photo of Vivian Pickles

    Vivian Pickles Cast

  5. Photo of Michael Gough

    Michael Gough Cast

  6. Photo of Polly Adams

    Polly Adams Cast

  7. Photo of Celia Bannerman

    Celia Bannerman Cast

  8. Photo of Sarah Taunton

    Sarah Taunton Cast

  9. Photo of Lucy Fleming

    Lucy Fleming Cast

  10. Photo of Lewis Fiander

    Lewis Fiander Cast

  11. Photo of David Savile

    David Savile Cast

  12. Photo of Georgina Ward

    Georgina Ward Cast

  13. Photo of Kate Lansbury

    Kate Lansbury Cast

  14. Photo of Diana King

    Diana King Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Dorning

    Robert Dorning Cast

  16. Photo of Julian Curry

    Julian Curry Cast

  17. Photo of Sylvia Coleridge

    Sylvia Coleridge Cast

  18. Photo of Richard Hampton

    Richard Hampton Cast

  19. Photo of Robin Chadwick

    Robin Chadwick Cast

  20. Photo of Janette Legge

    Janette Legge Cast

  21. Photo of Steven Grives

    Steven Grives Cast

  22. Photo of Tessa Wyatt

    Tessa Wyatt Cast

  23. Photo of Campbell Logan

    Campbell Logan Producer