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  1. Photo of Sidney J. Furie

    Sidney J. Furie Director

  2. Photo of Richard Watson

    Richard Watson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bo Svenson

    Bo Svenson Cast

  4. Photo of Margot Kidder

    Margot Kidder Cast

  5. Photo of Louis Gossett Jr.

    Louis Gossett Jr. Cast

  6. Photo of Seymour Cassel

    Seymour Cassel Cast

  7. Photo of Cedric Smith

    Cedric Smith Cast

  8. Photo of Tom Jackson

    Tom Jackson Cast

  9. Photo of Corey Sevier

    Corey Sevier Cast

  10. Photo of Will Bowes

    Will Bowes Cast

  11. Photo of Noah Reid

    Noah Reid Cast

  12. Photo of Shannon Kook

    Shannon Kook Cast

  13. Photo of Stephan James

    Stephan James Cast

  14. Photo of Rob deLeeuw

    Rob deLeeuw Cast

  15. Photo of Ali Kazmi

    Ali Kazmi Cast

  16. Photo of Jacob Blair

    Jacob Blair Cast

  17. Photo of Gary Hudson

    Gary Hudson Cast

  18. Photo of A.C. Peterson

    A.C. Peterson Cast

  19. Photo of Curtis Petersen

    Curtis Petersen Cinematography

  20. Photo of Craig McConnell

    Craig McConnell Music

  21. Photo of Jenny Plaunt

    Jenny Plaunt Production Design

  22. Photo of Maribeth Daley

    Maribeth Daley Producer

  23. Photo of Gary Howsam

    Gary Howsam Producer

  24. Photo of Bill Marks

    Bill Marks Producer

  25. Photo of Julius R. Nasso

    Julius R. Nasso Producer

  26. Photo of Saul Pincus

    Saul Pincus Editing

  27. Photo of Soo Luen Toom

    Soo Luen Toom Costume Design