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Ratings & Reviews

  1. El Biffo's rating of the film Prime Cut

    1970s New Hollywood meat grinder with Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman and the film debut of Sissy Spacek. Solid entertainment. 5 stars for the scene of Marvin and Spacek getting chased by a combine in a wheat field. 4++

  2. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Prime Cut

    Prime Cut has countless good quotes, ideas, moments, and scenes, but the story doesn't quite cohere for momentum. That's not to say it's incoherent, but instead, it feels choppy, never quite lingering for detail on anything to give it more than a surface value emotion. The scenes of 2 of the coolest cat, tough guy Hollywood actors ever squaring off (Lee Marvin and Gene Hackman) are great, if also, underdeveloped.

  3. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film Prime Cut

    Yeah. Lee Marvin, as I love him, in a 'cooler-than-cool', 'cold-as-ice' mode! Although a free-lance ganster, hitman & criminal of the worst kind, he turns out having more in common with a 'noble knight' than anything else. This is a perverse & bizzare gangster movie about contempt, drugs, prostitution & tough guys. Tense, thrill & action guaranteed!

  4. Droog811's rating of the film Prime Cut

    3 1/2 stars actually. Great opening sequence! Lee Marvin is excellent as a Mob enforcer sent from Chicago to Kansas City to make an example of Meat Baron/Sex trade bad guy Mary Anne (?) played by Gene Hackman in this gritty, crime movie . A very young Sissy Spacek is saved by Marvin early in the film and tags along for all the fun. Fantastic gun fight at the end ties everything up nicely.

  5. thivai abhor's rating of the film Prime Cut

    More like a 3 1/2 - A few interesting visual flourishes (the gun fight in a horizon spanning sunflower field -- yes!), gritty no-nonsense realistic action, overcomes some clunky aspects.... very enjoyable and recommended!

  6. Mike Archibald's rating of the film Prime Cut

    I love gritty crime films, Lee Marvin and the 70s Hwd aesthetic-this should have been a home run for me. The satire is trite enough to shame Seth MacFarlane, Ritchie takes a free ride on the inherent appeal of Scope and the long lens, and the affectation of superiority and contempt is as disgusting as the gross-out slaughterhouse-capitalism metaphors. A depressing demonstration of how easy it is to be mordant.

  7. Robert Karol's rating of the film Prime Cut

    I love the opening credits, which compare film-making to sausage-making.

  8. Greg S.'s rating of the film Prime Cut

    Never have my prior ideas about a film been so off kilter. On paper sounds like a routine crime pic unfolds in very surreal fashion. Ritchie makes litle slices of Midwestern Americana look very strange under a different lense. And the whole criminal world ends up feeling like something another planet. There's segments that had me thinking this is what a Bunuel action film would feel like. This movie is fuckin great!

  9. Sean's rating of the film Prime Cut

    Gerat 70's classic starring two of the best actors ever to grace the screen, Hackman and Marvin own. Gritty and somewhat violent (for it's time, yeah). Some great moments and a decent story, Michael Ritchie deserves some credit here for sure.

  10. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Prime Cut

    What a UFO! A delirious opening sequence with a score by Lalo Schifrin, numerous B-movies elements like the combine harvester scene, a slice of documentary mood with a fabulous action scene while a real Kansas thunderstorm is threatening, surreal moments like the scene at the fair or Sissy Spacek's diner at the palace. That's the cinema I like. Masterpiece.

  11. LETTERBOXD.COM/XESCIE's rating of the film Prime Cut

  12. Brian O'blivion's rating of the film Prime Cut

  13. Stephen Campbell's rating of the film Prime Cut

    A lost Ritchie Gem which is one of my fave films of the 70s