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  1. Photo of Roland Verhavert

    Roland Verhavert Producer

  2. Photo of Pitou Destickere

    Pitou Destickere Screenplay

  3. Photo of Harry Kümel

    Harry Kümel Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lieven Paemen

    Lieven Paemen Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ralf Boumans

    Ralf Boumans Cinematography

  6. Photo of Jan Bauwens

    Jan Bauwens Cast

  7. Photo of Polly Geerts

    Polly Geerts Cast

  8. Photo of Herman Jacobs

    Herman Jacobs Cast

  9. Photo of Annie Laurie

    Annie Laurie Cast

  10. Photo of Virginia Mailer

    Virginia Mailer Cast

  11. Photo of Franz Marijnen

    Franz Marijnen Cast

  12. Photo of Alice Toen

    Alice Toen Cast

  13. Photo of Mariette Van Arkkels

    Mariette Van Arkkels Cast

  14. Photo of Jan Van Broeckhoven

    Jan Van Broeckhoven Cast

  15. Photo of Bob Van der Veken

    Bob Van der Veken Cast

  16. Photo of Cara Van Wersch

    Cara Van Wersch Cast

  17. Photo of Herman van Veen

    Herman van Veen Cast

  18. Photo of Manuel Waugh

    Manuel Waugh Cast

  19. Photo of Gwynne Whitby

    Gwynne Whitby Cast

  20. Photo of Fanny Winkler

    Fanny Winkler Cast

  21. Photo of Herman Wuyts

    Herman Wuyts Editing, Director Screenplay

  22. Photo of Michel Reinarz

    Michel Reinarz Production Design

  23. Photo of Bert Page

    Bert Page Music