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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Ozone's rating of the film Principles of Life

    Strong, real, a little bit too long

  2. Ciprian Ailenei's rating of the film Principles of Life

    I saw some bad acting in there, some characters that weren't credible and an entire script that was a bit too shallow. However, I salute the post-communism background in which the action takes place.

  3. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Principles of Life

    to me,this is a film about social roles. not about individualities,about 'retrograde' spirituality,but about zigzagging through people,accomplishing the romanian ideal of the man who can do well in any situation,while staying at the surface of the things, in full control, unflinching, know-it-all jukebox.incertitudes are 4 losers, 'rock' is dee music, obesity is sexy and grapefruit juice compulsory.dubiously pedantic

  4. prestidigitator's rating of the film Principles of Life

    very accurate portrait of the nouveau-riche-sort-of-capitalist-but-mostly-just-post-communist romanian man and the state of "affairs". or should i call it the status quo?! paraphrasing groucho marx for an attampted sum up: "if you don't like my principles, that's ok, i have other ways: i.e. a good beating".