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  1. Photo of Mario Soffici

    Mario Soffici Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ulises Petit de Murat

    Ulises Petit de Murat Screenplay

  3. Photo of Horacio Quiroga

    Horacio Quiroga Screenplay

  4. Photo of Darío Quiroga

    Darío Quiroga Screenplay

  5. Photo of Francisco Petrone

    Francisco Petrone Cast

  6. Photo of Ángel Magaña

    Ángel Magaña Cast

  7. Photo of Roberto Fugazot

    Roberto Fugazot Cast

  8. Photo of Homero Cárpena

    Homero Cárpena Cast

  9. Photo of Raúl De Lange

    Raúl De Lange Cast

  10. Photo of Elisa Christian Galvé

    Elisa Christian Galvé Cast

  11. Photo of Pepito Petray

    Pepito Petray Cast

  12. Photo of Félix Tortorelli

    Félix Tortorelli Cast

  13. Photo of Jorge Villoldo

    Jorge Villoldo Cast

  14. Photo of Ulderico Camorino

    Ulderico Camorino Cast

  15. Photo of Agustín Barbosa

    Agustín Barbosa Cast

  16. Photo of Raúl Zaldívar

    Raúl Zaldívar Cast

  17. Photo of Luis Lane

    Luis Lane Cast

  18. Photo of Antonio Cardier

    Antonio Cardier Cast

  19. Photo of Humberto Peruzzi

    Humberto Peruzzi Cinematography

  20. Photo of Lucio Demare

    Lucio Demare Music

  21. Photo of José De Nico

    José De Nico Editing

  22. Photo of Gerardo Rinaldi

    Gerardo Rinaldi Editing

  23. Photo of Andrés Szmetan

    Andrés Szmetan Sound