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  1. Photo of Tinto Brass

    Tinto Brass Director, Cast, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Carla Cipriani

    Carla Cipriani Screenplay

  3. Photo of Massimiliano Zanin

    Massimiliano Zanin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sara Cosmi

    Sara Cosmi Cast

  5. Photo of Massimiliano Caroletti

    Massimiliano Caroletti Cast

  6. Photo of William De Vito

    William De Vito Cast

  7. Photo of Guglielmo Aru

    Guglielmo Aru Cast

  8. Photo of Silvia Rossi

    Silvia Rossi Cast

  9. Photo of Federica Tommasi

    Federica Tommasi Cast

  10. Photo of Max Parodi

    Max Parodi Cast

  11. Photo of Andrea Nobili

    Andrea Nobili Cast

  12. Photo of Raffaella Ponzo

    Raffaella Ponzo Cast

  13. Photo of Stefano Gandolfo

    Stefano Gandolfo Cast

  14. Photo of Virginia Barrett

    Virginia Barrett Cast

  15. Photo of Leo Mantovani

    Leo Mantovani Cast

  16. Photo of Daniele Ferrari

    Daniele Ferrari Cast

  17. Photo of Vito Oliva

    Vito Oliva Cast

  18. Photo of Andrea Ravera

    Andrea Ravera Cast

  19. Photo of Elisabetta Todde

    Elisabetta Todde Cast

  20. Photo of Maruska Albertazzi

    Maruska Albertazzi Cast

  21. Photo of Riccardo Marino

    Riccardo Marino Cast

  22. Photo of Antonio Salines

    Antonio Salines Cast

  23. Photo of Grazia Morelli

    Grazia Morelli Cast

  24. Photo of Vasco Montez

    Vasco Montez Cast

  25. Photo of Federica Palmer

    Federica Palmer Cast

  26. Photo of Roberto Giulianelli

    Roberto Giulianelli Cast

  27. Photo of Lyudmyla Derkach

    Lyudmyla Derkach Cast

  28. Photo of Federico Del Zoppo

    Federico Del Zoppo Cinematography

  29. Photo of Francesco Santucci

    Francesco Santucci Music

  30. Photo of Roberto Di Girolamo

    Roberto Di Girolamo Producer

  31. Photo of Ugo Tucci

    Ugo Tucci Producer

  32. Photo of Giovanni Bertolucci

    Giovanni Bertolucci Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Marco Di Biase

    Marco Di Biase Sound