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  1. Photo of Francesco Calogero

    Francesco Calogero Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Antonino Bruschetta

    Antonino Bruschetta Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Jessica Forde

    Jessica Forde Cast

  4. Photo of Patrick Bauchau

    Patrick Bauchau Cast

  5. Photo of Anthony Caldarella

    Anthony Caldarella Cast

  6. Photo of Antonio Alveario

    Antonio Alveario Cast

  7. Photo of Maurizio Puglisi

    Maurizio Puglisi Cast

  8. Photo of Peter Berling

    Peter Berling Cast

  9. Photo of Donald Ranvaud

    Donald Ranvaud Cast, Director Screenplay

  10. Photo of Nathalie Raiman

    Nathalie Raiman Cast

  11. Photo of Angelo Strano

    Angelo Strano Cinematography

  12. Photo of Giovanni Renzo

    Giovanni Renzo Music

  13. Photo of Davide Azzigana

    Davide Azzigana Editing

  14. Photo of Gigi Spedale

    Gigi Spedale Sound