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  1. Photo of Jackie Chan

    Jackie Chan Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Raymond Chow

    Raymond Chow Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Leonard Ho

    Leonard Ho Producer

  4. Photo of David Lam

    David Lam Producer and Cast

  5. Photo of Edward Tang

    Edward Tang Producer and Screenplay

  6. Photo of Yu Ting

    Yu Ting Screenplay and Costume Design

  7. Photo of Cheung Yiu-Tsou

    Cheung Yiu-Tsou Cinematography

  8. Photo of Maggie Cheung

    Maggie Cheung Cast

  9. Photo of Rosamund Kwan

    Rosamund Kwan Cast

  10. Photo of Carina Lau

    Carina Lau Cast

  11. Photo of Bill Tung

    Bill Tung Cast

  12. Photo of Sam Lui

    Sam Lui Cast

  13. Photo of Regina Kent

    Regina Kent Cast

  14. Photo of Yao Lin Chen

    Yao Lin Chen Cast

  15. Photo of Kenny Ho

    Kenny Ho Cast

  16. Photo of Mars

    Mars Cast

  17. Photo of Chris Li

    Chris Li Cast

  18. Photo of Ben Lam

    Ben Lam Cast

  19. Photo of John Cheung

    John Cheung Cast

  20. Photo of Mickey

    Mickey Cast

  21. Photo of Chen Ti-ko

    Chen Ti-ko Cast

  22. Photo of Peter Cheung

    Peter Cheung Editing

  23. Photo of Eddie Ma

    Eddie Ma Production Design

  24. Photo of Lei Siu-Tin

    Lei Siu-Tin Music