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  1. Photo of Anthony Asquith

    Anthony Asquith Director

  2. Photo of William Fairchild

    William Fairchild Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Pudney

    John Pudney Screenplay

  4. Photo of Phyllis Calvert

    Phyllis Calvert Cast

  5. Photo of James Donald

    James Donald Cast

  6. Photo of Robert Beatty

    Robert Beatty Cast

  7. Photo of Herbert Lom

    Herbert Lom Cast

  8. Photo of Muriel Pavlow

    Muriel Pavlow Cast

  9. Photo of Noel Willman

    Noel Willman Cast

  10. Photo of Walter Fitzgerald

    Walter Fitzgerald Cast

  11. Photo of Patric Doonan

    Patric Doonan Cast

  12. Photo of Maurice Denham

    Maurice Denham Cast

  13. Photo of Marjorie Fielding

    Marjorie Fielding Cast

  14. Photo of Caven Watson

    Caven Watson Cast

  15. Photo of Herbert Lomas

    Herbert Lomas Cast

  16. Photo of Hal Osmond

    Hal Osmond Cast

  17. Photo of Geoffrey Denton

    Geoffrey Denton Cast

  18. Photo of Cyril Chamberlain

    Cyril Chamberlain Cast

  19. Photo of Marianne Stone

    Marianne Stone Cast

  20. Photo of Desmond Dickinson

    Desmond Dickinson Cinematography

  21. Photo of Benjamin Frankel

    Benjamin Frankel Music

  22. Photo of John Howell

    John Howell Production Design

  23. Photo of Antony Darnborough

    Antony Darnborough Producer

  24. Photo of Earl St. John

    Earl St. John Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Frederick Wilson

    Frederick Wilson Editing