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  1. Skinnedteen's rating of the film Project Nim

    Inhumane attempt of making Nim human-like.

  2. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Project Nim

    3.5 stars. "they wanted to make nim human and they only made themselves inhuman" (prestidigitator) IDK. Their failings seemed very human to me; but then, I don't think we're a very good species.

  3. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Project Nim

    Truly excellent documentary. Effectively criticises a franckly stupid project by showing more humanity in the chimp than any of the scientists around him who are looking to understand how far they can push his intelligence. Very interesting story.

  4. Nikola Enchev's rating of the film Project Nim

    A fascinating experiment riddled, ironically, with human error.

  5. Dina's rating of the film Project Nim

  6. danwarner's rating of the film Project Nim

    Fascinating insight into the flaws of human ego and personality as much as the innate nature of chimpanzees. Powerful and unsettling throughout, though sensed the ending scenes lacked the critical depth and attention of the rest of the film, and as a result felt somewhat contrived.

  7. Olly Perrett's rating of the film Project Nim

    To humanise and then dehumanise a living creature in such a way is one of the harshest cruelties we as a species have the power to give.

  8. stair_well's rating of the film Project Nim

    Tainted spirit of the 70's crashing like the failed nature/nurture experiment in the film. Brave but you get a sense of the ending early.

  9. janh24's rating of the film Project Nim

    The subject matter is very involving, naturally, but the film rather ambles and it is difficult to engage with the issues that the film (never quite) tackles.

  10. Storm KMB Moon's rating of the film Project Nim

    An intriguing documentary unfortunately filled with most unlikeable people. Certainly worth a watch - some of he behind the scenes drama of the experiment beats anything Hollywood could offer! The real star, Nim, is ultimately a victim of the people around him, making this a sad watch, though compelling.

  11. Sophie Hurry's rating of the film Project Nim

    Poor Nim, becoming the subject of scientific novelty and instability. This documentary not only explores the life that Nim had but also people surrounding his journey and the decisions they made and consequently, implications of that. It was touching and sensitive and I still think respectful to Nim even though he wasn't treated particularly right through his life.

  12. Superfrog's rating of the film Project Nim

    Pretty bad realisation about an interesting subject, which would have deserved a good quality, neutral tone and an exploration of the glaring mistakes that happened through the project. Instead we get some emotionally loaded declarations and a glimpse into the path of sexual discovery of the head researcher. And in the end, not much to take with.

  13. Miller's Crossing's rating of the film Project Nim

    A classic and very solid documentary which shows how an exciting scientific project can turn into horror because of humans lack of commitment or sense of responsibility. Honest heartbreaking documentary!

  14. Patrick's rating of the film Project Nim

    A fascinating an often slightly unsettling documentary about the perils of anthropomorphising nature and the seemingly insurmountable barriers between species, even those so close to us genetically. Well worth a watch, would make a good double bill with Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

  15. MichaelDub's rating of the film Project Nim

    Great documentary. That's what I love MUBI for - you can discover films you would otherwise never see. As for the film - I think the relationships between the people involved in the project was more interesting than the communicating chimp.

  16. Betsy's rating of the film Project Nim

  17. Alan McDonald's rating of the film Project Nim

    Thoroughly enjoyed! Just shows what emotional connections can be achieved with animals and how cruel humans can be without thinking of the consequences and expect everything just to be the same again.

  18. Ioana's rating of the film Project Nim

  19. mirklete's rating of the film Project Nim

    It's just as well that chimps ARE forgiving because if a human child had been that fucked around God knows what sort of an adult he would have grown up to be. Some deeply disturbing, deluded, human behaviour on exhibition here. Great pace to the film, it gripped me to the end.

  20. aleludovici's rating of the film Project Nim

    Interesting and beautiful documental

  21.'s rating of the film Project Nim

    A fascinating film/documentary. So easy to judge with hindsight but would have my feelings and sensibilities in the 70's be the same as they are now ? (almost certainly not). Quite a chilling and disturbing tale though not without it's highs too. Well worth a watch.

  22. Karen's rating of the film Project Nim

    Interesting documentary, and worth watching for its insight into the relationships between humans and animals – veering from romantic and idealized to cynical and cruel. But nearly every person in this film came across as hapless or deluded or, in the case of Dr Terrace, an asshole.

  23. raggiodisole's rating of the film Project Nim

    Failed social experiment. Americans should never have been given the liberties they enjoyed in the 70's. Very little good in this. I'm no softie for animals, but the poor hapless puppet, tossed around like a rag doll by his human tormentors, makes for a great victim.

  24. Anita G's rating of the film Project Nim

    This documentary is about a very ambitious man (Prof. Herbert Terrace) who stops at nothing to get what he wants in the name of research. He is/was a manipulative, vain man with scarce empathy and a thirst purely for his own academic achievement. Nim was one of the many casualties of his narcissism. Heartbreaking. A well composed documentary about the HUMAN condition.

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