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  1. Photo of Aaron Ashmore

    Aaron Ashmore Cast

  2. Photo of Marie Tifo

    Marie Tifo Cast

  3. Photo of Jean-Pierre Bergeron

    Jean-Pierre Bergeron Cast

  4. Photo of Mac Fyfe

    Mac Fyfe Cast

  5. Photo of Tamara Hope

    Tamara Hope Cast

  6. Photo of Trevor Blumas

    Trevor Blumas Cast

  7. Photo of Fiona Reid

    Fiona Reid Cast

  8. Photo of Scott Thompson

    Scott Thompson Cast

  9. Photo of Dave Foley

    Dave Foley Cast

  10. Photo of Victoria Adilman

    Victoria Adilman Cast

  11. Photo of Nicholas Rose

    Nicholas Rose Cast

  12. Photo of John L'Ecuyer

    John L'Ecuyer Director

  13. Photo of Michael MacLennan

    Michael MacLennan Screenplay

  14. Photo of Kent Staines

    Kent Staines Screenplay

  15. Photo of Heather Haldane

    Heather Haldane Producer and Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Mary Young Leckie

    Mary Young Leckie Executive Producer and Producer

  17. Photo of Gary Koftinoff

    Gary Koftinoff Music

  18. Photo of Glenn Warner

    Glenn Warner Cinematography

  19. Photo of Mike Lee

    Mike Lee Editing

  20. Photo of Tim Bider

    Tim Bider Production Design