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  1. Photo of Amos Gitaï

    Amos Gitaï Director, Screenplay, and Producer

  2. Photo of Marie-José Sanselme

    Marie-José Sanselme Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rosamund Pike

    Rosamund Pike Cast

  4. Photo of Diana Bespechni

    Diana Bespechni Cast

  5. Photo of Hanna Schygulla

    Hanna Schygulla Cast and Music

  6. Photo of Anne Parillaud

    Anne Parillaud Cast

  7. Photo of Alla An

    Alla An Cast

  8. Photo of Kristina Likhnyski

    Kristina Likhnyski Cast

  9. Photo of Katya Drabkin

    Katya Drabkin Cast

  10. Photo of Yussuf Abu-Warda

    Yussuf Abu-Warda Cast

  11. Photo of Amos Lavi

    Amos Lavi Cast

  12. Photo of Shalva Ben-Moshe

    Shalva Ben-Moshe Cast

  13. Photo of Craig Bachins

    Craig Bachins Cast

  14. Photo of Meital Peretz

    Meital Peretz Cast

  15. Photo of Menachem Lang

    Menachem Lang Cast

  16. Photo of Ran Kauchinsky

    Ran Kauchinsky Cast

  17. Photo of Caroline Champetier

    Caroline Champetier Cinematography

  18. Photo of Simon Stockhausen

    Simon Stockhausen Music

  19. Photo of Arvo Pärt

    Arvo Pärt Music

  20. Photo of Miguel Markin

    Miguel Markin Production Design

  21. Photo of Eli Zion

    Eli Zion Production Design

  22. Photo of Michel Propper

    Michel Propper Producer

  23. Photo of Michael Tapuah

    Michael Tapuah Producer

  24. Photo of Laurent Truchot

    Laurent Truchot Producer

  25. Photo of Peter Watson

    Peter Watson Producer

  26. Photo of Alain Mamou-Mani

    Alain Mamou-Mani Producer

  27. Photo of Jeremy Thomas

    Jeremy Thomas Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Yann Dedet

    Yann Dedet Editing

  29. Photo of Isabelle Ingold

    Isabelle Ingold Editing

  30. Photo of Oleg Kaiserman

    Oleg Kaiserman Sound

  31. Photo of Ants Andreas

    Ants Andreas Sound

  32. Photo of Olger Bernadt

    Olger Bernadt Sound

  33. Photo of Daniel Ollivier

    Daniel Ollivier Sound

  34. Photo of Alex Claude

    Alex Claude Sound

  35. Photo of Stéphane Thiébaut

    Stéphane Thiébaut Sound

  36. Photo of John Purcell

    John Purcell Sound

  37. Photo of Nicolas Becker

    Nicolas Becker Sound

  38. Photo of Jacques Descomps

    Jacques Descomps Sound

  39. Photo of Séverin Favriau

    Séverin Favriau Sound

  40. Photo of Ilan Moscovitch

    Ilan Moscovitch Art Department