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  1. Photo of Peter Greenaway

    Peter Greenaway Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Kees Kasander

    Kees Kasander Executive Producer

  3. Photo of William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sacha Vierny

    Sacha Vierny Cinematography

  5. Photo of John Gielgud

    John Gielgud Cast

  6. Photo of Michael Clark

    Michael Clark Cast

  7. Photo of Michel Blanc

    Michel Blanc Cast

  8. Photo of Erland Josephson

    Erland Josephson Cast

  9. Photo of Isabelle Pasco

    Isabelle Pasco Cast

  10. Photo of Tom Bell

    Tom Bell Cast

  11. Photo of Kenneth Cranham

    Kenneth Cranham Cast

  12. Photo of Mark Rylance

    Mark Rylance Cast

  13. Photo of Gerard Thoolen

    Gerard Thoolen Cast

  14. Photo of Pierre Bokma

    Pierre Bokma Cast

  15. Photo of Jim van der Woude

    Jim van der Woude Cast

  16. Photo of Michiel Romeyn

    Michiel Romeyn Cast

  17. Photo of Orpheo

    Orpheo Cast

  18. Photo of Paul Russell

    Paul Russell Cast

  19. Photo of James Thiérrée

    James Thiérrée Cast

  20. Photo of Emil Wolk

    Emil Wolk Cast

  21. Photo of Marie Angel

    Marie Angel Cast

  22. Photo of Ute Lemper

    Ute Lemper Cast

  23. Photo of Deborah Conway

    Deborah Conway Cast

  24. Photo of Denis Wigman

    Denis Wigman Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Michael Nyman

    Michael Nyman Music

  26. Photo of Marina Bodbijl

    Marina Bodbijl Editing

  27. Photo of Ben van Os

    Ben van Os Production Design

  28. Photo of Jan Roelfs

    Jan Roelfs Production Design