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  1. Photo of Öyvind Fahlström

    Öyvind Fahlström Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marie-Louise De Geer Bergenstråhle

    Marie-Louise De Geer Bergenstråhle Cast

  3. Photo of Björn Granath

    Björn Granath Cast

  4. Photo of Hans Mosesson

    Hans Mosesson Cast

  5. Photo of Ann-Charlotte Hult

    Ann-Charlotte Hult Cast

  6. Photo of Berit Nyman

    Berit Nyman Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Wahlqvist

    Peter Wahlqvist Cast

  8. Photo of Anki Rahlskog

    Anki Rahlskog Cast

  9. Photo of Svante Holmström

    Svante Holmström Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Carlesson

    Robert Carlesson Cast

  11. Photo of Jan Lööf

    Jan Lööf Cast

  12. Photo of Lars Hillersberg

    Lars Hillersberg Cast

  13. Photo of Carl Johan De Geer

    Carl Johan De Geer Cast

  14. Photo of Lena Svedberg

    Lena Svedberg Cast

  15. Photo of Olle Jeppson

    Olle Jeppson Cast

  16. Photo of Håkan Alexandersson

    Håkan Alexandersson Cast

  17. Photo of Kenneth "Kenta" Gustafsson

    Kenneth "Kenta" Gustafsson Cast

  18. Photo of Gustav "Stoffe" Svensson

    Gustav "Stoffe" Svensson Cast

  19. Photo of Marianne Ahrne

    Marianne Ahrne Cast

  20. Photo of Dan Nyman

    Dan Nyman Cast

  21. Photo of Bo Montelius

    Bo Montelius Cast

  22. Photo of Hans Nyberg

    Hans Nyberg Cast

  23. Photo of Roland Sterner

    Roland Sterner Cinematography

  24. Photo of Hans Welin

    Hans Welin Cinematography

  25. Photo of Bo Anders Persson

    Bo Anders Persson Music

  26. Photo of Sten-Göran Camitz

    Sten-Göran Camitz Editing

  27. Photo of Lasse Haglund

    Lasse Haglund Editing