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  1. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Psych-Out

    Nicholson didn't get the credit for writing this, but he did get the starring role. There definitely were some hair issues going on from Nicholson's ponytail to the animal that crawled on Bruce Dern's head. There was also problems with the band playing and Nicholson in particular. Stockwell almost steals the show with his anti-establishment rhetoric.

  2. Sean Proud's rating of the film Psych-Out

  3. analeorne's rating of the film Psych-Out

    I still can't get over Jack Nicholson's ponytail.

  4. jimmymarkum's rating of the film Psych-Out

    Not having watched it for brought me back to when I used to watch it everytime I spotted it on tv (as it wasn't possible to buy the soundtrack ...)

  5. Luka's rating of the film Psych-Out

    'You're righteous but you're certainly not hip, man!'

  6. (arc)'s rating of the film Psych-Out

    It's still completely impossible to get the unedited version of this.Old heads are always complaining on amazon about how hacked up the DVD version is..I'm pissed . I know this is complete hippy exploitation made because it was hip at the moment, bit it is fucking exploitation gold. and the seeds are in it !There are so many freaking great things in this movie, even only with the edited version.

  7. Jaspar Lamar Crabb's rating of the film Psych-Out

  8. Garfy's rating of the film Psych-Out

    Boy did this bring back some memories. Love the movie - glad I survived that time period.

  9. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Psych-Out

    At least manages some well-drawn characters and a semi-involving story - but it still succumbs to the usual excesses of these kinds of movies, namely seemingly endless abstract montages set to annoying psychedelic music. Watchable, but not really entertaining - the point where it becomes tiresome depends on how much peace and love rhetoric you can stomach.