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Ratings & Reviews

  1. João R's rating of the film Psycho IV: The Beginning

    It presents an agile way to incorporate flashbacks into the present, which is a better storyline (than the past this movie creates) that should've been explored. Other than that, this movie is a travesty to the original story - by bending the myth this hard and seeking to explain every single sign of Norman's pathology, it becomes a parody of itself without understanding it.

  2. Amadeus Magnus's rating of the film Psycho IV: The Beginning

    "You can call me Ed." Apparently Elliott became Norman after E.T.'s gone and uses his wig, he also killed his mom Juliet and her lover Romeo. Better than Psycho III but I'd still prefer Psycho 2. A Little note: Herrmann's famous theme is not used in Psycho III.

  3. Ronald's rating of the film Psycho IV: The Beginning

    Perhaps I'm crazy but this movie actually has good stuff in it! There's a scene straight out of Peeping Tom near the end, and the poisoning scene disturbs. Much more serious than the murdering in Psycho 2 & 3. The scene feels very carefully assembled much like the effect in Hitchcock's film: pulled into a ghost train of a dream. Olivia Hussey as Mother! not to mention the delicious deadpan acting of Anthony Perkins.

  4. myhumaninteractions's rating of the film Psycho IV: The Beginning

    The scenes with present day married Norman would have made a better full length than the bad flash backs.