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  1. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film PTU

    Hard to understand what's the purpose of this. The usual showdown with superfluous slo-mo is not my cup of tea.

  2. Nachtreich's rating of the film PTU

  3. Amin Lumière's rating of the film PTU

    This guy is well known how to shoot a action movie.Perfect

  4. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film PTU

    Ottimo noir poliziesco firmato Jonnie To,che va ad analizzare i complessi rapporti che nascono in una lunga notte tra polizia,criminalità e forze speciali e del sottile filo che spesso li divide.L'intreccio funziona,le scene sono dense di movimenti super-indovinati,la fotografia notturna coinvolge sempre ed il finale è costruito molto bene e regala un grande effetto.Budget basso,regia alta...risultato buonissimo.

  5. Yasser Azmy's rating of the film PTU

    Climax is orgasm , excitement on every corner , hell loved it

  6. Duncan Gray's rating of the film PTU

  7. WhatsUpWill's rating of the film PTU

    STRAY DOG meets THE WARRIORS. Pretty bizarre stuff.

  8. The King of Resolven's rating of the film PTU

    The story itself is very interesting, but I felt that a majority of the characters either had no personality and the ones who did, were still similar to each other and not very different.

  9. Jake Cole's rating of the film PTU

    Hong Kong stripped of all but cops and criminals, who are so busy with internal conflicts it's a wonder they ever find the time to fight each other. City streets lit like a noirish interrogation room, disturbingly dark save for some too-bright bulb blinding those under its scrutinizing glare. That damn score is a distraction but my God, this is one of the most perfectly ordered films I've ever seen.

  10. TK BUCKLEY's rating of the film PTU

    Has anyone explored the sequels? I'm curious about the ones directed by Lawrence Ah Mon.

  11. slaepwerigne's rating of the film PTU

  12. Dave's rating of the film PTU

    Much more subdued than other To films that I have seen, but still bears all the hallmarks of To's craftsmanship. It might be among the lesser of To's films that I have seen, but that speaks more to the fact that I seem to like everything I see from him than a lack of quality here. This is still really good and worth seeking out.

  13. Vinson Gabato's rating of the film PTU

    What's with the music? A nice film except for that.

  14. electricdragon80000v's rating of the film PTU

    A perfect genre exercise. Precise, bold, witty, beautiful.