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Public Access

Directed by Bryan Singer
United States, 1993

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A clean-cut drifter arrives in the peaceful town of Brewster and creates a local TV call-in show, asking viewers one question: “What’s wrong with Brewster?”

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Public Access
Directed by Bryan Singer

Awards & Festivals

Sundance Film Festival

1993 | Winner: Dramatic (Grand Jury Prize)

Deauville Film Festival

1993 | Winner: Critics Award

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  • lewis_longshanks's rating of the film Public Access

    Perhaps I missed something here, I found Public Access wasn't anywhere near as fantastic as made out to be. It is painfully slow and woefully dull, with an uneventful plot. Although Ron Marquette's character is a fascinating one, with his actual being and facade both up for interpretation. And most of the Public Access' acclaim does derive from Singer's technical excellence behind the camera, which I will grant.