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  1. schmalhans's rating of the film Public Hearing

    What an odd endeavor to reconstruct a public hearing concerning the expansion of a local WalMart with actors and in b/w 16mm. Though, it's marvellously consistent at that. With only slight changes in camera and movement of actors, one can see how cinematographic moods are constructed, broken with and reinstated. It makes me think of great works by late German filmmaker and media artist Harun Farocki.

  2. Edit Profile's rating of the film Public Hearing

    I decided to watch the last film on the list without looking at the link. Having no expectations, or even knowing what I was going to watch added mystery to the experience of watching a movie. I just read that the script is verbatim from the hearing. The actor who chewed on a pen was probably thinking about his facial expressions too much in a few scenes. His self-consciousness was distracting, but he did a good job.

  3. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Public Hearing

  4. David R Williams's rating of the film Public Hearing

    Sort of "docu-drama found art", in this case the "found" being the transcript of an actual public hearing regarding the replacement of a town's current WalMart with a Super WalMart. Sounds like a good time to nap but this is surprisingly engaging as well as insightful.

  5. zoerose's rating of the film Public Hearing

    I don't know why this has been put under the "documentary" genre but if this is the new form of doc to oppose the generic ones coming by the dozens on our moviestream platforms then I'll most certainly welcome it. Good to be able to see alternative cinematic views from the U.S. in this detailed recreation of a public hearing regarding the expansion of Wal-Mart store in a small town at the state of New York.

  6. DrFirestone's rating of the film Public Hearing

    Interesting visual style. The film presents two sides of a conflict, both expressing reasonable points of view, and mediators. I loved how the short break was introduced in "real" time and the music - it truly felt refreshing and gave some time to think about what was said so far... However, I feel like the actual hearing shot in 16mm b&w would have far more emotional impact. Worth giving it a try!

  7. captainfez's rating of the film Public Hearing

    As exciting as you'd think a recreation of a town meeting would be.

  8. sebastiaen's rating of the film Public Hearing

    if you have a little bit of patience and some interest in how big corporations establish themselves in new places you will find this movie to be a very good one. This is an original and important movie.

  9. Nacnud Schmalz's rating of the film Public Hearing

    Interesting. Nicely done. I don't understand MUBI's take on it as being a "satire" -- or that it is "slapstick comedy"...? I didn't find it funny -- just real -- and, I do wonder how the issue was resolved??

  10. lou.'s rating of the film Public Hearing

    Amazed by this experimental b/w sort of documentary, filmed literally in accordance with the three Aristotelian rules of unity of action, place and time. Two hours of «exercise in democracy» are here fully enacted: different people - in backgrounds and needs - are passionately standing up for their opinions. Eloquent expressions and the hesitation of the camera on bored gestures are remarkable. Worth the view.

  11. adamjaymorris's rating of the film Public Hearing

    A morbid repurposing of cinéma vérité for the purpose of satirizing American corporate plutocracy. Fourth star is for the casting.

  12. Stirling Lemme's rating of the film Public Hearing

    Knee-slapping take on America's commitment to legalese and capitalist dogma.

  13. Francisco's rating of the film Public Hearing

    Leos carax met Frederick Wiseman. Such a great UFO

  14. Fab S's rating of the film Public Hearing

    Interesting for the description of the political process

  15. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Public Hearing

    It's the cinematic equivalent of conceptual writing. Unoriginally bold. Derivatively different. Phenomenal stuff, and kudos to Mubi!

  16. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Public Hearing

    Experimental film that enacts an entire public town hearing about a Wal-Mart expansion. It's about as interesting as a town meeting would be. I can't say I was completely bored with it, but then again, the details of a hearing are somewhat interesting to me. But it's pretty bureaucratic and utterly dry.

  17. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Public Hearing

    I didn't expect that the film would be so fascinating. In showing only small details - like faces in close-up, hands, fingers playing with a pen etc. - and using no totals, Wilkins captures parts of the emotional contents and the resonances accompanying the words of the different speakers.

  18. Kaiser Dias Schwarcz's rating of the film Public Hearing

    Why in smart tv app theres still no options for subtitles to english movies (neither english or portuguese)? I can only see the subtitles for this movie in my Android app.

  19. Dogville59's rating of the film Public Hearing

    I thought this was going to be a boring documentary after all a detailed almost two hour film about a public hearing discussing a Walmart expansion. I was wrong. I barely saw the time go. It was so interesting to hear the different opinions of the town's people and the Walmart representatives. It made me think how difficult a decision it would be for an elected official to decide how to vote on this. Worth watching.