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  1. Photo of Paolo Benvenuti

    Paolo Benvenuti Director, Producer, Production Design Screenplay

  2. Photo of Paola Baroni

    Paola Baroni Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Riccardo Moretti

    Riccardo Moretti Cast

  4. Photo of Tania Squillario

    Tania Squillario Cast

  5. Photo of Giovanna Daddi

    Giovanna Daddi Cast

  6. Photo of Debora Mattiello

    Debora Mattiello Cast

  7. Photo of Federica Chezzi

    Federica Chezzi Cast

  8. Photo of Gianpaolo Smiraglia

    Gianpaolo Smiraglia Producer and Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Gianni Marras

    Gianni Marras Cinematography

  10. Photo of Cesar Augusto Meneghetti

    Cesar Augusto Meneghetti Editing

  11. Photo of Aldo Buti

    Aldo Buti Production Design

  12. Photo of Simonetta Leoncini

    Simonetta Leoncini Costume Design