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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Joel's rating of the film Puffball

    This movie really is NOT good. I found it on a list of english folk horror films and should have taken the general negative reviews seriously. Yes it has a fine cast but tonally it just swings all over the place. This honestly feels like made-for-tv fare and the cheesy overly dramatic soundtrack just makes it worse.

  2. nikolai Galitzine's rating of the film Puffball

    Should have been titled: Poopball.

  3. Checkpoint Charlie's rating of the film Puffball

    This film has some interesting ideas and moments and it certainly has actors who could really pull off a fine performance, but this one feels rather underwhelming, coming from Roeg, especially with the camera work, which doesn't really feel like his to be honest. Certainly he's getting up there (early 80s now) but fuck, I certainly hope he's at least got one great last one in him following this.

  4. Dan Weldon's rating of the film Puffball

    This is a rather wonderful film, obviously.

  5. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Puffball

    Roeg disappoints with this mediocre (and unfortunately-titled) horror film. The capable cast does what they can with a hokey script - Miranda Richardson in particular gives a spirited performance - but the plot is ridiculous and the production values are uneven. The cheesy special effects and editing make it look little better than a cheap direct-to-DVD feature. A far cry from Roeg's sharp and original earlier work.