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  1. Photo of Monti Parungao

    Monti Parungao Director, Cinematography, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lex Bonife

    Lex Bonife Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gio Gapas

    Gio Gapas Cast

  4. Photo of Justine Ferrer

    Justine Ferrer Cast

  5. Photo of Justin De Leon

    Justin De Leon Cast

  6. Photo of Echo Caceres

    Echo Caceres Cast

  7. Photo of Joyce Acorda

    Joyce Acorda Cast

  8. Photo of Jeff Luna

    Jeff Luna Cast

  9. Photo of Ethan Lee

    Ethan Lee Cast

  10. Photo of Alexander 'Tsoknut' Castillo

    Alexander 'Tsoknut' Castillo Cast

  11. Photo of Ruel Galero

    Ruel Galero Cinematography

  12. Photo of Gibson Gordola

    Gibson Gordola Cinematography

  13. Photo of Milo Cavarlez

    Milo Cavarlez Producer

  14. Photo of Donna Cubelo

    Donna Cubelo Producer

  15. Photo of Carlos Barrera

    Carlos Barrera Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Gary Parungao

    Gary Parungao Editing