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  1. case/y's rating of the film Pure

    heartbreakingly relevant...the cycle doesn't end..also i couldn't stop thinking about the alienation of capitalism and the signs of youth the main character displayed (one striking one was her putting ketchup on something that reminded me of putting ketchup on everything as a child).

  2. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film Pure

    Good performances. It was also nice to hear classical music throughout the film.

  3. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film Pure

    There is an obligation brought by the life that is desired to be experienced and clash of classes.But that was an obligation which economic concerns are ignored.Btw actually she never liked that man .Each character saw themselves as tool for shaping their life ,reaching joy or passion.But that was so clear... director does not offer any opportunity to solve the big puzzle for audiences.

  4. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Pure

    This is a tricky film. On the one side it has a good script, even if it implies murdering your enemies is fine as long as you get what you want. On the other hand, it looks like something I could shoot. Which isn't necessarily a compliment.

  5. - Caltiki -'s rating of the film Pure

  6. Deniz Ipek's rating of the film Pure

    The characters, especially Adam can be just little too plainly black and white, but the presence of Katarina, her despair, her hunger for touch and connection make this film beautiful. We feel her pain, her survival instict and her madness. She is mad yes. Aren't we all? Is it possible to stay sane in this mad mad world? Go ask Kierkegaard.

  7. MJo's rating of the film Pure

  8. Aksana K's rating of the film Pure

    It is an amazing film. My only criticism is about the ending. Spoiler: It was just too much of a contrast between such a brutal realism of the most part of the plot and the eccentric ending (i.e. no consequence following the murder and Katarina getting her job back). It may be,however, that the last part was just an imaginary ending. The high and low tones of the the film reminded me the Mozart's Requiem itself.

  9. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film Pure

    With a mark on the base of her lips, a twenty years old girl dares to hope for what she wants against reality. What, at first, hinted to some clichés developed as a tense fight back against that same clichés. As her mark disappears, the courage really turned out to be the only measure of life. 3,5

  10. Joao.Gri's rating of the film Pure

    Impressionante performance de Alicia Vikander.

  11. Irem Abacı's rating of the film Pure

    her şeyin güzel olduğu bir yer.. olasılıkta mümkün müdür? "cesaret hayatın tek ölçüsüdür." kierkegaard. ekelöf. hayatta mümkün olabildiğince gerçekçi olmak. "gerçek olan her şey güzeldir" "gerçeklerle yüzleşemiyorsan felsefe ile uğraşma" gibi notlar ve soru işaretleri bırakmış, sound'u mükemmel film.

  12. Merih Sakarya's rating of the film Pure

    Interesting story, we feel the passion and the music.

  13. Cloudspeaker's rating of the film Pure

    Do we really need another film exploring the grooming of an 'innocent' by a man of culture/distinction? This was a tired story with very little character development; the protagonist largely mute throughout leaving her just a little difficult to empathise with; the 'villain', Adam, lacks dimension and fits the 'cultural elite' stereotype a little too cleanly.

  14. adrgod's rating of the film Pure

    It's true, the movie is naive, but not as much to make it a bad movie. I also agree the intro don't really tells the rest of the movie. But the movie is interesting, anyhow.

  15. Dan's rating of the film Pure

    Vikander was incredible, crazy beautiful and completely committed to Langseth's film. Although I'm not sure I really enjoyed the point the film was trying to make, I enjoyed AND was investing in watching it try.

  16. Lorenzogranada's rating of the film Pure

    Increíblemente predecible, una pobre trama articulada alrededor del escape y de la dominación cultural que permite pocas reflexiones más allá del estereotipo. La visión de un mundo culturalmente "desarrollado" versus un mundo enpobrecido, proletario y "carente de cultura" es simplemente vergonzosa y poco cuidadosa en términos de representación. El duelo del personaje es predecible y linear.

  17. Jakob Weiss's rating of the film Pure

    Mir hat das Drama sehr gut gefallen. EIne sehr interessante Geschichte mit einer hervorragenden Hauptdarstellerin.

  18. vulnicura's rating of the film Pure

    a bit naive, classist and cliche... unsatisfying.

  19. geiar's rating of the film Pure

    Katarina is so hard to like, but when she smiles....Closed, lost, desperate, she just wants her chance of redemption. Intense.

  20. Carlo Benedicti's rating of the film Pure

    Splendid main actor. Never loosing self-respect....

  21. alvaro03's rating of the film Pure

    Lo mas destacable sin duda es la interpretación, belleza y los primeros planos de la actriz protagonista. Es una belleza natural como hace tiempo que no veía. Por supuesto la música ayuda mucho, incluida la única canción moderna. En su contra están los forzado de algunas situaciones (como la manía de practicar sexo en publico) Y una cosa es que te guste Mozart y otra que con 20 años "disfrutes" con Kieerkegard

  22. Viv Mah's rating of the film Pure

    disquieting and unapologetic. people who want to be better, and don't know how. alicia vikander is sublime.

  23. Vinegar Factory's rating of the film Pure

    Fantastic!! Kill your idols. F**k Patriarchy. Dismantle Class. Adam defenestrated by 'Lilith'. This beautifully understated film is gripping, and possesses a cluster of underlying elements. Layer upon layer this film explores, exposes and exalts in the mirage of civility. What is wild/mad is in the end more dignified. And the music is intoxicating!

  24. J1mmyc5's rating of the film Pure

    A solid, albeit unspectacular debut. It's lifted by a fantastic film debut by Alicia Vikander, who is certain to be a star, but it is ultimately let down by a relatively predictable plot.

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