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  1. Photo of Ernest Abdyjaparov

    Ernest Abdyjaparov Director, Screenplay, Music

  2. Photo of Aktan Abdykalykov

    Aktan Abdykalykov Producer

  3. Photo of Altynai Koichumanova

    Altynai Koichumanova Producer

  4. Photo of Tolondu Toichubaev

    Tolondu Toichubaev Producer

  5. Photo of Murzali Jenbaev

    Murzali Jenbaev Music

  6. Photo of Aybek Dzhangaziev

    Aybek Dzhangaziev Cinematography

  7. Photo of George Kolotov

    George Kolotov Editing

  8. Photo of Sharip Jailobaev

    Sharip Jailobaev Production Design

  9. Photo of Asem Toktobekova

    Asem Toktobekova Cast

  10. Photo of Tynchtyk Abylkasymov

    Tynchtyk Abylkasymov Cast

  11. Photo of Siezdbek Iskenaliev

    Siezdbek Iskenaliev Cast

  12. Photo of Elnura Osmonalieva

    Elnura Osmonalieva Cast

  13. Photo of Osnura Asanalieva

    Osnura Asanalieva Cast

  14. Photo of Erkin Egemberdiev

    Erkin Egemberdiev Cast

  15. Photo of Nurbek Yuldashev

    Nurbek Yuldashev Cast