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  1. Photo of Kenneth Kainz

    Kenneth Kainz Director

  2. Photo of Kim Fupz Aakeson

    Kim Fupz Aakeson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hanne Palmquist

    Hanne Palmquist Producer

  4. Photo of Thomas Gammeltoft

    Thomas Gammeltoft Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Jannik Johansen

    Jannik Johansen Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Hella Joof

    Hella Joof Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Jeppe Kaas

    Jeppe Kaas Music

  8. Photo of Mikael Simpson

    Mikael Simpson Music

  9. Photo of Sebastian Blenkov

    Sebastian Blenkov Cinematography

  10. Photo of Nicolaj Monberg

    Nicolaj Monberg Editing

  11. Photo of Peter Grant

    Peter Grant Production Design

  12. Photo of Anders Matthesen

    Anders Matthesen Cast

  13. Photo of Laura Bro

    Laura Bro Cast

  14. Photo of Morten Suurballe

    Morten Suurballe Cast

  15. Photo of Lisbet Dahl

    Lisbet Dahl Cast

  16. Photo of Helle Hertz

    Helle Hertz Cast

  17. Photo of Andrea Vagn Jensen

    Andrea Vagn Jensen Cast

  18. Photo of Claus Flygare

    Claus Flygare Cast

  19. Photo of John Martinus

    John Martinus Cast

  20. Photo of Jesper Christensen

    Jesper Christensen Cast

  21. Photo of Niels Skousen

    Niels Skousen Cast

  22. Photo of Tammi Øst

    Tammi Øst Cast

  23. Photo of Peder Holm Johansen

    Peder Holm Johansen Cast

  24. Photo of Søren Malling

    Søren Malling Cast

  25. Photo of Henrik Birch

    Henrik Birch Cast