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  1. Photo of Dmitri Shinkarenko

    Dmitri Shinkarenko Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Leonid Andreyev

    Leonid Andreyev Novel

  3. Photo of Aleksandr Baluev

    Aleksandr Baluev Cast

  4. Photo of Anna Kamenkova

    Anna Kamenkova Cast

  5. Photo of Yekaterina Rozhkova

    Yekaterina Rozhkova Cast

  6. Photo of Oksana Zhgutova

    Oksana Zhgutova Cast

  7. Photo of Roman Kravtsov

    Roman Kravtsov Cast

  8. Photo of Vladimir Treshchalov

    Vladimir Treshchalov Cast

  9. Photo of Fyodor Valikov

    Fyodor Valikov Cast

  10. Photo of Valeri Gatayev

    Valeri Gatayev Cast

  11. Photo of Valeri Godzev

    Valeri Godzev Cast

  12. Photo of Nikolai Ispolatov

    Nikolai Ispolatov Cast

  13. Photo of Grigoriy Malikov

    Grigoriy Malikov Cast

  14. Photo of Aleksandr Kuznetsov

    Aleksandr Kuznetsov Cast

  15. Photo of Sergey Gabrielyan

    Sergey Gabrielyan Cast

  16. Photo of Olga Stulova

    Olga Stulova Cast

  17. Photo of Natalya Tkachyova

    Natalya Tkachyova Cast

  18. Photo of Nikolai Romanov

    Nikolai Romanov Cast

  19. Photo of Valentin Piganov

    Valentin Piganov Cinematography

  20. Photo of Andrei Vatsura

    Andrei Vatsura Cinematography

  21. Photo of Igor Kefalidi

    Igor Kefalidi Music

  22. Photo of Mikhail Bogdanov

    Mikhail Bogdanov Production Design

  23. Photo of Pavel Ilyshev

    Pavel Ilyshev Production Design

  24. Photo of Tatyana Belousova

    Tatyana Belousova Editing

  25. Photo of Olga Ilyina

    Olga Ilyina Sound

  26. Photo of Yuriy Rabinovich

    Yuriy Rabinovich Sound

  27. Photo of Tatyana Chapayeva

    Tatyana Chapayeva Costume Design

  28. Photo of Tatyana Trelyudova

    Tatyana Trelyudova Costume Design