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  1. thebpicture's rating of the film Purple Noon

    Alain was so nice to look at haha. I liked how the film started in medias res. I've seen the 2000 version with Jude Law quite a lot, so it was interesting and really different to see an original (i think) take on Highsmith's story. Beautiful views, a bit of an art film quality.

  2. hemachandra's rating of the film Purple Noon

    hated the ending, but loved the final image (it is one of joy; Tom knows he has won and happily goes to accept the phone call).

  3. Ethan's rating of the film Purple Noon

    This was a top notch thriller and Alain Delon gives a stellar performance that set the bar incredibly high for the character of Tom Ripley.

  4. Ghostman's rating of the film Purple Noon

    A great film and adaptation but it would have been a lot cooler if it ended like the book. I guess I just liked Alain Delon's Tom Ripley too much. He was one suave motherfucker.

  5. FISCHER's rating of the film Purple Noon

    "Le réalisme psychologique" français dans toute sa réussite avec un scénario sur mesure (les romans de Highsmith sont une mine d'or pour les réalisateurs), un Alain Delon qui savait encore être intéressant et dense, un réalisateur dans la force de son talent. Une oeuvre qui reste toujours présente, active et moderne !

  6. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Purple Noon

  7. Emily O's rating of the film Purple Noon

  8. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Purple Noon

    Plausible characters and plausible plot developments - not once did I think why are these people so stupid - plus a marvelous ending. This could be the formula for great thrillers. There’s also something special in the way different objects are used in the story - the cane, the boat, etc.

  9. Lintang A.'s rating of the film Purple Noon

    Clement's directing + great use of colour + Delon's act + Rota's majestic score = Magnificent

  10. Aaken's rating of the film Purple Noon

    Perhaps one of Alain Delon's best films. This French adaption of Highsmith's novel is as dark as the colours, the actors and cinematography are bright and gorgeous. And look for Romy Schneider's brief cameo!

  11. miles's rating of the film Purple Noon

    i think i prefer this over the remake. gorgeous film.

  12. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film Purple Noon

    NINO FUCKIN' ROTA! the ending scene is just BOOSTED with that soundtrack! lovely ♥ tecnicolor ♥ cinematography ♥ & great acting from the boys.

  13. jonijtr's rating of the film Purple Noon

    Great use of colors here, and holy shit, Delon

  14. smndvdcl's rating of the film Purple Noon

    A 'third wheel' worst case scenario! Arguably, Delon seems too handsome and smouldering to play the precocious yet disturbing outsider, Ripley. Other than this barrier to suspending my disbelief, this is a superb Highsmith adaptation rightfully distinctive within film history. The Minghella remake I can abide, but Clement hits the home run. 3.5

  15. Martin Wilson's rating of the film Purple Noon

    Key example of how not being overly faithful to the original novel is justified - if, what you come up with works on its own terms. The long section on the boat isn't in the book but is a brilliant expansion and prefigures KNIFE IN THE WATER. The ending is very different but feels inspired. Delon luxuriating by the water plays like a lead-in to his equally amoral character's life by THE SWIMMING POOL.

  16. Muraki's rating of the film Purple Noon

  17. HSBilly's rating of the film Purple Noon

    Delon's Ripley was amazing.

  18. emichan's rating of the film Purple Noon

    ganteng-ganteng bajingan.

  19. Cody Hoskins's rating of the film Purple Noon

    Alain Delon captivates the eye with his darkly alluring, charming, and sly approach as Tom Ripley that it's tempting to share in the guilty pleasure of this murderous mastermind. Rene Clement's style breathes through the film with a refined and poetic approach that matches well with the thrillers of the time.

  20. Zac Weber's rating of the film Purple Noon

    Purple Noon is a beauty to the eye, and Alain Delon is exceptional. I love the way Tom Ripley vacillates between identities, and the flâneur scene of Tom walking through the market and staring at all of the dead fish was very symbolic. Easily a classic when you consider Henri Decae was behind the camera and Nino Rota produced the score.

  21. Giulia Galbarini's rating of the film Purple Noon

    Astonishing cinematography, and of course, Alain Delon!

  22. chockablock's rating of the film Purple Noon

    Marie Laforêt reminds me of a spiteful pretty squirrel

  23. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Purple Noon

    Además de ser un testimonio sobre la habilidad de un individuo para fabricar el crimen perfecto, "A pleno sol" es también un relato sobre el resentimiento. Alain Delon interpreta a un oportunista que no solo hurta el dinero, sino también la identidad de un hombre que lo humilló. La escena en altamar es prueba de ello, en donde la hostilidad brota entre 2 hombres. Inspiración para Polanski en el "Cuchillo en el agua".

  24. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film Purple Noon

    While teaching you how to operate the perfect crime in the early sixties this storyline creates a thriller network of events. During such events a bad character evolves through envy and greed. Although the movie could've explore more of the psychological aspects present in Highsmith's literature the cinematography achievements for a 60's production weighs out that absence.

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