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  1. Photo of Roy William Neill

    Roy William Neill Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Arthur Conan Doyle

    Arthur Conan Doyle Screenplay

  3. Photo of Leonard Lee

    Leonard Lee Screenplay

  4. Photo of Basil Rathbone

    Basil Rathbone Cast

  5. Photo of Nigel Bruce

    Nigel Bruce Cast

  6. Photo of Marjorie Riordan

    Marjorie Riordan Cast

  7. Photo of Rosalind Ivan

    Rosalind Ivan Cast

  8. Photo of Morton Lowry

    Morton Lowry Cast

  9. Photo of Leslie Vincent

    Leslie Vincent Cast

  10. Photo of Martin Kosleck

    Martin Kosleck Cast

  11. Photo of Rex Evans

    Rex Evans Cast

  12. Photo of John Abbott

    John Abbott Cast

  13. Photo of Gerald Hamer

    Gerald Hamer Cast

  14. Photo of William 'Wee Willie' Davis

    William 'Wee Willie' Davis Cast

  15. Photo of Frederick Worlock

    Frederick Worlock Cast

  16. Photo of Paul Ivano

    Paul Ivano Cinematography

  17. Photo of Hans J. Salter

    Hans J. Salter Music

  18. Photo of John B. Goodman

    John B. Goodman Production Design

  19. Photo of Martin Obzina

    Martin Obzina Production Design

  20. Photo of Howard Benedict

    Howard Benedict Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Saul A. Goodkind

    Saul A. Goodkind Editing