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  1. Paolo Utili's rating of the film Pusher

  2. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Pusher

    The reality of being a drug dealer

  3. Balthaz21's rating of the film Pusher

  4. Stefan Stefan's rating of the film Pusher

  5. Andre Flickatina's rating of the film Pusher

    incredible portrayal of the characters. franks arrest scene was hilarious - "i'm out of shape"

  6. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Pusher

    A straightforward and dynamic thriller, at the heart of which is an outstanding performance from Bodnia who brings a real rawness to his depiction of a man swiftly losing control of his life. There's also a great chemistry between him and Mikkelson.

  7. Kaonashiii's rating of the film Pusher

  8. gramsci13's rating of the film Pusher

    nothing original, but a gritty, hard hitting & enjoyable modern gangland movie and an assured debt film

  9. Ramzi's rating of the film Pusher

    A really great debut film showing how well action can be done on a budget. Achieves the Mean Streets feat of imbuing real humanity into the characters while portraying all as complete losers. Lots of nice little directorial touches alongside the mostly straightforward presentation, as well as a completely engaging performance by Bodnia.

  10. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Pusher

    Starts out with just a couple of wasters drifting around the city but quickly turns into a taut, desperate thriller. Visually it is the opposite of NWR's current work, but the documentary style really suits the material. An assured debut.

  11. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Pusher

    Even knowing this was not planned to have a sequel, the end left things in an open perspective.

  12. tube_screamer's rating of the film Pusher

    Well paced debut film from Nicolas Winding Refn that still feels fresh and exciting 20 years later. He went to the well once too often when he turned this into a trilogy though.

  13. iamgarethjones's rating of the film Pusher

    I wasn't expecting much as I find that most movies about guys who push drugs, and then find themselves owing loads of money, are all the same. However this movie is very raw with excellent dialogue (albeit in Danish with subtitles) and some first-rate acting bringing the shady characters alive. I personally really liked the ending.

  14. Ioana's rating of the film Pusher

  15.'s rating of the film Pusher

    Not bad at all for a debut movie, but the plot about the gritty grotty world of dopey drug pushers adds little to the sum of human knowledge. An early and convincing outing for Kim Bodnia (Frank); how ironic that he would later make a name for himself as dishevelled cop Martin Rohde in Scando-noir The Bridge.

  16. andrew's rating of the film Pusher

    OK, but the problem with gangster movies is you always know how they're going to end up.

  17. Oneb's rating of the film Pusher

    Refreshing portrayal of the risks and brutality of operating in an illegal market.

  18. DJSE's rating of the film Pusher

  19. Jake Evans's rating of the film Pusher

    A bleak, gritty trilogy. Familiar faces put in top performances early in their careers.

  20. John Grant's rating of the film Pusher

    we're remembered for the deeds we do and these guys will not be remembered well. this movie gives flesh and backstory to some low life and paints the spiral of panic that leads to the events we will remember

  21. SiIencio's rating of the film Pusher

    It is rare in cinema to find such a realistic accurate and precise portrayal of traits and qualities of those crawling in the underworld. Refn devotes this film to splendid microscopic character studies- these lowlifes show a blatant emotional detatchment and a complete lack of ethical code, they are prisoners of their own realities, nihilistic, disenfranchised and often intellectually challenged... Cont

  22. miles's rating of the film Pusher

    reminds me of run lola run, i like this movie.

  23. kris's rating of the film Pusher

    simple yet powerful. This was recommended to me and he turned out to be a reliable source :)

  24. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Pusher

    It's unusual to show that behind the violence there is another violence or an extreme pressure you almost feel yourself watching the movie. The Yugoslavians are really great in their polite conversations with Frank only occasionally bursting with rage expressed using their native language without translation, so you comprehend pretty much the same the main character does.

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