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  1. Philippe Dumez's rating of the film Putty Hill

    Pour rester poli, ça quand même assez ennuyeux.

  2. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Putty Hill

    Interesante cómo Porterfield hace retrato a un comunidad en donde la muerte, la disfuncionalidad y todo aquello que evoca a lo decadente, se torna como cotidiano. Durante la historia no hay personajes llorando, no hay lecciones aprendidas o miradas optimistas. La costumbre por ese tipo de vida está institucionalizada. Interesante además los límites de la docuficción transgredidos para crear vínculo con los personajes

  3. kowalski's rating of the film Putty Hill

    man lernt was von die us society und muss nich hinfliegen und kann daheim bleiben

  4.'s rating of the film Putty Hill

    A slot, but never boring piece of ethnographic cinema that let's us dive into lives of random people, all connected to a boy that is about to be buried. Shy and intense.

  5. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Putty Hill

    It started promising, but later on I didn't find any pleasure in the pseudo-documentary, arty clumsiness of this film. The result is a fake naturalism that only pretends to point to social problems and dislocations.

  6. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Putty Hill

    The life of misfits, convicts, wankers, junkies & other fascinating characters around the death of one of them .... so totally boring ! ========= La life de paumés, repris de justice, branleurs, junkies et autres personnages follement passionnants autour de la mort de l'un d'eux ... "stupéfiant" & interminable !

  7. christophel's rating of the film Putty Hill

    Un joli film atmosphérique.

  8. Braddis's rating of the film Putty Hill

    Dear filmmakers: TEENAGERS ARE BORING !!! You can make movies WITH them, if you like. But stop making movies ABOUT them, please...

  9. Tibulle85's rating of the film Putty Hill

    Copie ratée d'un trop bon élève! (Trop) bon élève car le film a des qualités plastiques évidentes. Aussi parce que le film accumule à l'envie tous les éléments qui "font" film indé US (des jeunes désoeuvrés, des drogués, des skateurs...),avec une impression intense de déjà vu.Ms copie ratée car hors-sujet: le film se perd très longuement avt d'affronter son sujet: la disparition d'un être et ses conséquences.

  10. manufre's rating of the film Putty Hill

    Mise en scène très travaillée avec des plans magnifiques et une "photo" d'excellente facture. Je trouve les acteurs très bons dans cette chronique socialo funéraire de l 'Amérique des loosers. Je ne connaissais pas ce réalisateur, à suivre car sans fausses notes.

  11. saitosouta's rating of the film Putty Hill

    I'm surprised that Sky Ferreira's in such a delicately constructed film (WTF "Green Inferno," WTF "The Trust in NICOLAS CAGE.")

  12. José Neves's rating of the film Putty Hill

    The silence or the lack of dialogs would only have been good to this movie, as Sharunas Bartas did in his best films: no waste with narrative. But the paucity of fictional and documentary notes exhausts what could have been a beautiful look on a community. Like this, remains a jaded "indie" film, with a considerable attention to nature and the movement of natural light. A step back regarding "Hamilton".

  13. Ricardo Branco's rating of the film Putty Hill

    I really believe in this kind of cinema. This thin line between reality and fiction it fascinates me and intrigues me. It is felt the influence by Pedro Costa, but Porterfield uses this type of mechanism to express a true American spirit. Sky Ferreira was surprisingly good and it has a beautiful end.

  14. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Putty Hill

    Without a main character it has the ability of never losing interest. Review and rating:

  15. bees can see ultraviolet light's rating of the film Putty Hill

    Where can I watch this? I can't find any torrents :$

  16. Adam Barth's rating of the film Putty Hill

    Putty Hill is scheduled to play at the Harvard Film Archive September 24th (Hamilton is playing the next night) with Matt Porterfield in attendance.

  17. Mike Spence's rating of the film Putty Hill

    February 18 release date!!! (NY) Man this looks good!

  18. Mogambo's rating of the film Putty Hill

    Interesting article-

  19. Manny Lage's rating of the film Putty Hill

    One of the most beautiful endings in modern American cinema.

  20. Peter's rating of the film Putty Hill

    I would offer the opinion that this film represents the benchmark for film naturalism. Truly, it must be seen to be believed. That a principal character does not appear in the film is also quite impressive. And then there is all that breathtaking hair...

  21. Tony Zhou's rating of the film Putty Hill

    The worst kind of technically-incompetent, artistically-lazy, independent filmmaking. Like mumblecore but even more of a waste of your time. Who did the sound on this and why are they still alive?

  22. nowhere_fast's rating of the film Putty Hill

    Sky is so awful. This film is nothing special, just got a different vision about death. Nothing that makes this really great.

  23. This is Jake Kath's rating of the film Putty Hill

    A radically graceful non-judgmental grassroots flick about the lives of a Baltimore community dealing with death and daily life. Left a very strong but quiet impact on me. Would make a great double bill with Streetwise.

  24. suddenmoves's rating of the film Putty Hill

    Lovely sense of place and community and very honest, but a bit too slight for me t work up much enthusiasm for.

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