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  1. Photo of Jerry Schatzberg

    Jerry Schatzberg Director

  2. Photo of Frank Caffey

    Frank Caffey Producer

  3. Photo of John Foreman

    John Foreman Producer

  4. Photo of Carole Eastman

    Carole Eastman Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jerry Schatzberg

    Jerry Schatzberg Screenplay

  6. Photo of Adam Holender

    Adam Holender Cinematography

  7. Photo of Faye Dunaway

    Faye Dunaway Cast

  8. Photo of Barry Primus

    Barry Primus Cast

  9. Photo of Viveca Lindfors

    Viveca Lindfors Cast

  10. Photo of Barry Morse

    Barry Morse Cast

  11. Photo of Roy Scheider

    Roy Scheider Cast

  12. Photo of Evan A. Lottman

    Evan A. Lottman Editing

  13. Photo of Richard Bianchi

    Richard Bianchi Production Design

  14. Photo of Michael Small

    Michael Small Music

  15. Photo of Terry Leong

    Terry Leong Costume Design

  16. Photo of Roland Meledandri

    Roland Meledandri Costume Design

  17. Photo of Ruth Jackson

    Ruth Jackson Cast

  18. Photo of John Heffernan

    John Heffernan Cast

  19. Photo of Sydney Walker

    Sydney Walker Cast

  20. Photo of Clark Burckhalter

    Clark Burckhalter Cast

  21. Photo of Shirley Rich

    Shirley Rich Cast

  22. Photo of Emerick Bronson

    Emerick Bronson Cast

  23. Photo of Joe George

    Joe George Cast

  24. Photo of John Eames

    John Eames Cast

  25. Photo of Harry Lee

    Harry Lee Cast

  26. Photo of Jane Hallaren

    Jane Hallaren Cast

  27. Photo of Susan Willis

    Susan Willis Cast

  28. Photo of Barbara Carrera

    Barbara Carrera Cast

  29. Photo of Sam Schacht

    Sam Schacht Cast