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  1. Photo of Gaby Amione

    Gaby Amione Director

  2. Photo of Pau Balagué

    Pau Balagué Director

  3. Photo of Miriam Cañamares

    Miriam Cañamares Director

  4. Photo of Josecho de Linares

    Josecho de Linares Director

  5. Photo of Gemma Ferraté

    Gemma Ferraté Director

  6. Photo of Alba Giralt

    Alba Giralt Director

  7. Photo of Alejandro Javaloyas

    Alejandro Javaloyas Director

  8. Photo of Marc Juvé

    Marc Juvé Director

  9. Photo of Carlos Pérez-Reche

    Carlos Pérez-Reche Director

  10. Photo of Irene C. Rodríguez

    Irene C. Rodríguez Director, Editing Cast

  11. Photo of Javier Sanz

    Javier Sanz Director

  12. Photo of Marcel Borràs

    Marcel Borràs Cast

  13. Photo of Saras Gil

    Saras Gil Cast

  14. Photo of Artur Busquets

    Artur Busquets Cast

  15. Photo of François Justet

    François Justet Cast

  16. Photo of Benjamin Nathan-Serio

    Benjamin Nathan-Serio Cast

  17. Photo of Xavier Elías

    Xavier Elías Cast

  18. Photo of Àlex A. Antolino

    Àlex A. Antolino Cinematography

  19. Photo of Daniel Fernández Abelló

    Daniel Fernández Abelló Cinematography

  20. Photo of Samuel Hernández

    Samuel Hernández Cinematography

  21. Photo of Joan Martorell

    Joan Martorell Cinematography

  22. Photo of Cristina Martín

    Cristina Martín Cinematography and Editing

  23. Photo of Albert Murillo

    Albert Murillo Cinematography

  24. Photo of Iván Romero

    Iván Romero Cinematography

  25. Photo of Iván Rubio

    Iván Rubio Cinematography

  26. Photo of Sergi Casamitjana

    Sergi Casamitjana Producer

  27. Photo of Aritz Cirbián Casado

    Aritz Cirbián Casado Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Luis Segura

    Luis Segura Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Pau Carrasco

    Pau Carrasco Editing

  30. Photo of Gerard G. de Pando

    Gerard G. de Pando Editing

  31. Photo of Xavi Domínguez

    Xavi Domínguez Editing

  32. Photo of Antonio Gómez-Pan

    Antonio Gómez-Pan Editing

  33. Photo of Pau Luzón

    Pau Luzón Editing

  34. Photo of Toni Majó

    Toni Majó Editing

  35. Photo of Pol Marró

    Pol Marró Editing

  36. Photo of Cintia Nakatsuka

    Cintia Nakatsuka Editing

  37. Photo of Eduard Riu

    Eduard Riu Editing and Director

  38. Photo of Bruno Sarabia

    Bruno Sarabia Editing and Director

  39. Photo of Bernat Udina

    Bernat Udina Editing