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  1. Arf's rating of the film PVC-1

  2. Balthaz21's rating of the film PVC-1

  3. Lara's rating of the film PVC-1

  4. Esteban Corzo's rating of the film PVC-1

    In the 70's, there was a bunch of pseudo-directors here in Colombia who tried so hard to sell films in Europe that they started making trash films, which were called "porno-miseria" (porn-misery)... This kind of film is trying to bring back all that stuff... It's even a fable because the real life events weren't exactly like that.

  5. Maicol Andrés Ordoñez's rating of the film PVC-1

    I only know about this film because it was made by an alumni of my film school. Has anyone seen it or know where to get it?

  6. Øyvind Rype's rating of the film PVC-1

    A high concept movie that follows a family who's mother is fitted with a remote bomb around her neck which they are trying to get off. The opening in Touch of Evil is really the best comparison in terms of what the audience feel. We expect the bomb to go off during the single take(!), lasting nearly 90min, but we don't know when or if it all. Uncompromisingly realistic and cold. A one-time-watch for sure but still 5*

  7. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film PVC-1

    The exercise (one-shot (long) movie) is still quite something, respectful, technically very hard, and in general very effective. Too bad here we have too much time in the boring jungle, too much time of boring pvc cutting. That makes a boring movie :/. (but very realistic in the other hand) Respect anyway!

  8. Movie Blabber's rating of the film PVC-1

  9. joey's rating of the film PVC-1

    The ending made me feel sick to my stomach. Shocking and quite ambitious.

  10. Marc G.'s rating of the film PVC-1

    Very ambitious, impressive.

  11. javier quintero's rating of the film PVC-1

    De acuerdo, es porno-miseria, diálogos ridículos e inverosímiles, desenlace tonto. A la gente en el exterior parece cautivarla el hecho de que esto "ocurrió en realidad" y que ahora se hizo en un único plano. Premian a un explotador.

  12. kebarvid's rating of the film PVC-1

    Great movie, watched this att Göteborg International Film Festival last year,.