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  1. Photo of Latif Safarov

    Latif Safarov Director

  2. Photo of Hasan Seyidbayli

    Hasan Seyidbayli Screenplay

  3. Photo of Akbar Farzaliyev

    Akbar Farzaliyev Cast

  4. Photo of Afrasiyab Mammadov

    Afrasiyab Mammadov Cast

  5. Photo of Agasadiq Garaybayli

    Agasadiq Garaybayli Cast

  6. Photo of Töhfa Azimova

    Töhfa Azimova Cast

  7. Photo of Sürayya Qasımova

    Sürayya Qasımova Cast

  8. Photo of S. Manafova

    S. Manafova Cast

  9. Photo of Zemfira Badalova

    Zemfira Badalova Cast

  10. Photo of Lütfi Mammadbayli

    Lütfi Mammadbayli Cast

  11. Photo of Faiq Mustafayev

    Faiq Mustafayev Cast

  12. Photo of Memmedrza Şeyxzamanov

    Memmedrza Şeyxzamanov Cast

  13. Photo of Cabbar Aliyev

    Cabbar Aliyev Cast

  14. Photo of Ismayil Afandiyev

    Ismayil Afandiyev Cast

  15. Photo of Agahüseyn Cavadov

    Agahüseyn Cavadov Cast

  16. Photo of Münavvar Kalantarli

    Münavvar Kalantarli Cast

  17. Photo of T. Paşazada

    T. Paşazada Cast

  18. Photo of Sona Hacıyeva

    Sona Hacıyeva Cast

  19. Photo of Mammad Sadıqov

    Mammad Sadıqov Cast

  20. Photo of Barat Şakinskaya

    Barat Şakinskaya Cast

  21. Photo of Ağadadaş Qurbanov

    Ağadadaş Qurbanov Cast

  22. Photo of Ali Qurbanov

    Ali Qurbanov Cast

  23. Photo of Müxlis Canizada

    Müxlis Canizada Cast

  24. Photo of Sadıq Hüseynov

    Sadıq Hüseynov Cast

  25. Photo of Marziyya Davudova

    Marziyya Davudova Cast

  26. Photo of Maleyka Ağazada

    Maleyka Ağazada Cast

  27. Photo of Hacımammad Qafqazlı

    Hacımammad Qafqazlı Cast

  28. Photo of Arif Narimanbayov

    Arif Narimanbayov Cinematography

  29. Photo of Tofiq Quliyev

    Tofiq Quliyev Music

  30. Photo of Cabrayıl Azimov

    Cabrayıl Azimov Production Design

  31. Photo of Aziz Şeyxov

    Aziz Şeyxov Sound