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  1. Photo of Franc Roddam

    Franc Roddam Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Dave Humphries

    Dave Humphries Screenplay

  3. Photo of Martin Stellman

    Martin Stellman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Pete Townshend

    Pete Townshend Screenplay and Music

  5. Photo of Phil Daniels

    Phil Daniels Cast

  6. Photo of Leslie Ash

    Leslie Ash Cast

  7. Photo of Philip Davis

    Philip Davis Cast

  8. Photo of Mark Wingett

    Mark Wingett Cast

  9. Photo of Sting

    Sting Cast

  10. Photo of Timothy Spall

    Timothy Spall Cast

  11. Photo of Ray Winstone

    Ray Winstone Cast

  12. Photo of Toyah Willcox

    Toyah Willcox Cast

  13. Photo of Trevor Laird

    Trevor Laird Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Elphick

    Michael Elphick Cast

  15. Photo of Kate Williams

    Kate Williams Cast

  16. Photo of Garry Cooper

    Garry Cooper Cast

  17. Photo of Benjamin Whitrow

    Benjamin Whitrow Cast

  18. Photo of Daniel Peacock

    Daniel Peacock Cast

  19. Photo of Brian Tufano

    Brian Tufano Cinematography

  20. Photo of The Who

    The Who Music

  21. Photo of Keith Moon

    Keith Moon Music

  22. Photo of John Entwistle

    John Entwistle Music

  23. Photo of Roger Daltrey

    Roger Daltrey Music

  24. Photo of Roy Baird

    Roy Baird Producer

  25. Photo of Bill Curbishley

    Bill Curbishley Producer

  26. Photo of Sean Barton

    Sean Barton Editing

  27. Photo of Mike Taylor

    Mike Taylor Editing