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  1. Photo of Yves Allégret

    Yves Allégret Director

  2. Photo of John Amila

    John Amila Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jean Meckert

    Jean Meckert Screenplay

  4. Photo of Charles Spaak

    Charles Spaak Screenplay

  5. Photo of Edwige Feuillère

    Edwige Feuillère Cast

  6. Photo of Jean Servais

    Jean Servais Cast

  7. Photo of Bernard Blier

    Bernard Blier Cast

  8. Photo of Pierre Mondy

    Pierre Mondy Cast

  9. Photo of Sophie Daumier

    Sophie Daumier Cast

  10. Photo of Pascale Roberts

    Pascale Roberts Cast

  11. Photo of Jean Debucourt

    Jean Debucourt Cast

  12. Photo of Jean Lefebvre

    Jean Lefebvre Cast

  13. Photo of Alain Delon

    Alain Delon Cast

  14. Photo of Madeleine Barbulée

    Madeleine Barbulée Cast

  15. Photo of Henri Cogan

    Henri Cogan Cast

  16. Photo of Bruno Cremer

    Bruno Cremer Cast

  17. Photo of Annie Darnis

    Annie Darnis Cast

  18. Photo of Jess Hahn

    Jess Hahn Cast

  19. Photo of Michel Jourdan

    Michel Jourdan Cast

  20. Photo of Alain Nobis

    Alain Nobis Cast

  21. Photo of Jean-Marie Serreau

    Jean-Marie Serreau Cast

  22. Photo of Bruno Balp

    Bruno Balp Cast

  23. Photo of Yves Deniaud

    Yves Deniaud Cast

  24. Photo of Henri Coutet

    Henri Coutet Cast

  25. Photo of Albert Daumergue

    Albert Daumergue Cast

  26. Photo of Anne-Marie Mersen

    Anne-Marie Mersen Cast

  27. Photo of André Germain

    André Germain Cinematography

  28. Photo of Paul Misraki

    Paul Misraki Music

  29. Photo of Louis de Masure

    Louis de Masure Production Design

  30. Photo of Cino Del Duca

    Cino Del Duca Producer

  31. Photo of Arys Nissotti

    Arys Nissotti Producer

  32. Photo of Pierre O'Connell

    Pierre O'Connell Producer

  33. Photo of Claude Nicole

    Claude Nicole Editing

  34. Photo of Pierre-Henri Goumy

    Pierre-Henri Goumy Sound