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  1. Photo of Giancarlo Santi

    Giancarlo Santi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Oreste Del Buono

    Oreste Del Buono Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gianni Manganelli

    Gianni Manganelli Screenplay

  4. Photo of Paolo Villaggio

    Paolo Villaggio Cast

  5. Photo of Hugo Pratt

    Hugo Pratt Cast and Screenplay

  6. Photo of Gianni Cavina

    Gianni Cavina Cast

  7. Photo of Maria Grazia Buccella

    Maria Grazia Buccella Cast

  8. Photo of Mario Carotenuto

    Mario Carotenuto Cast

  9. Photo of Orietta Berti

    Orietta Berti Cast

  10. Photo of Marcello Bonini Olas

    Marcello Bonini Olas Cast

  11. Photo of Giuliana Calandra

    Giuliana Calandra Cast

  12. Photo of Eolo Capritti

    Eolo Capritti Cast

  13. Photo of Aldo Tonti

    Aldo Tonti Cinematography