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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Nathan Goldman's rating of the film Quay

    "Whoever creates the puppet animates the puppet, because you come to terms with your character." "Or its deficiencies."

  2. Dorabella's rating of the film Quay

    Watched this in a theater, the local Cinefamily. It was SO great. I am just a HUGE fan of the Brother's Quay sooo...

  3. Julia Miville's rating of the film Quay

    Although this gave a very good overview of their studio, along with some behind the scenes "tricks of the trade," would have liked it to be a little longer so they could get more depth with discussing their work. Saw this a part of the touring 35mm program of their work which was fantastic but would have been nice if Nolen made a package longer than just 75 minutes by adding in another film or two.

  4. Tom Rubendall's rating of the film Quay

    The best thing Nolan has done since Memento.