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  1. Photo of Denys Granier-Deferre

    Denys Granier-Deferre Director

  2. Photo of Denys Granier-Deferre

    Denys Granier-Deferre Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jean-Marc Roberts

    Jean-Marc Roberts Screenplay

  4. Photo of Yves Stavrides

    Yves Stavrides Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jean Poiret

    Jean Poiret Cast

  6. Photo of Michel Piccoli

    Michel Piccoli Cast

  7. Photo of Daniel Auteuil

    Daniel Auteuil Cast

  8. Photo of Tchéky Karyo

    Tchéky Karyo Cast

  9. Photo of Nadia Barentin

    Nadia Barentin Cast

  10. Photo of François Colin

    François Colin Cast

  11. Photo of Francois Lalande

    Francois Lalande Cast

  12. Photo of Florence Pernel

    Florence Pernel Cast

  13. Photo of Jeanne Lallemand

    Jeanne Lallemand Cast

  14. Photo of Patrick Bouchitey

    Patrick Bouchitey Cast

  15. Photo of Marie Laforêt

    Marie Laforêt Cast

  16. Photo of André Balland

    André Balland Cast

  17. Photo of François Perrot

    François Perrot Cast

  18. Photo of Yasmina Reza

    Yasmina Reza Cast

  19. Photo of Sophie Artur

    Sophie Artur Cast

  20. Photo of Pierre Pernet

    Pierre Pernet Cast

  21. Photo of Laure Duthilleul

    Laure Duthilleul Cast

  22. Photo of Gérard Chaillou

    Gérard Chaillou Cast

  23. Photo of Chantal Deruaz

    Chantal Deruaz Cast

  24. Photo of Bernard Marcellin

    Bernard Marcellin Cast

  25. Photo of Christian Charmetant

    Christian Charmetant Cast

  26. Photo of Max Mégy

    Max Mégy Cast

  27. Photo of Michel Pilorgé

    Michel Pilorgé Cast

  28. Photo of Alain Sarde

    Alain Sarde Producer

  29. Photo of Alain Terzian

    Alain Terzian Producer

  30. Photo of Philippe Sarde

    Philippe Sarde Music

  31. Photo of Étienne Becker

    Étienne Becker Cinematography

  32. Photo of Thierry Derocles

    Thierry Derocles Editing

  33. Photo of Jean-Baptiste Poirot

    Jean-Baptiste Poirot Production Design