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  1. Photo of Claude Jutra

    Claude Jutra Director and Editing

  2. Photo of Jean-Claude Labrecque

    Jean-Claude Labrecque Director and Cinematography

  3. Photo of Jacques Parent

    Jacques Parent Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Louise Ranger

    Louise Ranger Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Paul Vézina

    Paul Vézina Cinematography

  6. Photo of Jean Carignan

    Jean Carignan Cast

  7. Photo of Renée Claude

    Renée Claude Cast

  8. Photo of Yvon Deschamps

    Yvon Deschamps Cast

  9. Photo of Raoul Duguay

    Raoul Duguay Cast

  10. Photo of Louise Forestier

    Louise Forestier Cast

  11. Photo of Luce Guilbeault

    Luce Guilbeault Cast

  12. Photo of Monique Mercure

    Monique Mercure Cast

  13. Photo of Lise Payette

    Lise Payette Cast

  14. Photo of Juliette Pétrie

    Juliette Pétrie Cast

  15. Photo of La Poune

    La Poune Cast

  16. Photo of Gilles Vigneault

    Gilles Vigneault Cast

  17. Photo of Esther Auger

    Esther Auger Sound

  18. Photo of Jean Rival

    Jean Rival Sound