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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    >>> Un magnifique chef-d'oeuvre cent fois mutilé, tronqué, qui reste un inoubliable moment de cinéma dont la version la plus longue actuellement ferait deux heures...

  2. JM M----'s rating of the film Queen Kelly

    Visually sumptuous, evocative, striking and all those other great adjectives; but dramatically dull. Partly to blame is obviously the unfinished nature of this film, but even the more complete sequences are rather dull. Am I the only one that felt it got really Lynchian once she went to her Aunt?

  3. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Queen Kelly

  4. Esra Yılmaz's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    silent love movies are not my thing at all sorry stroheim

  5. Ben Dooley's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    Quite a bit is missing from the end - but plot developments from the titles sound intriguing. As is, the film offers some powerful and emotional scenes from Swanson, as a convent girl who falls in love with a prince. The early scene of the prince making his whole regiment follow him as he seduces Kelly on horseback is memorable, with much humour, as is the dramatic whipping the queen gives her in the palace.

  6. raggiodisole's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    Shame so much of this was lost, but another example of the fine work that Von Stroheim and Swanson could produce

  7. Rouzbeh Afrasiabi's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    This could have been a masterpiece. For 73 minutes I enjoyed the beautiful vision Erich von Stroheim had for this movie, but all that faded away when Kelly (Gloria Swanson) left for Africa. It is a shame that Erich von Stroheim was not allowed to finish the movie just because Swanson thought the scenes set in Africa were distasteful.

  8. Panayiota Liouliou's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    Exquisite sets and camera compositions throughout this film. Also Queen Regina has one of my favourite character entrances in a film ever - sporting an alcoholic drink, a fluffy white cat and basically nothing else in her lavish bedroom, and swiftly begins sleuthing on her husband to be. Instant badass. Tony Montana would be proud. All characters, however, felt quite one-dimensional.

  9. msmichel's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    '85 restoration The film that was famously taken away from Von Stroheim and basically ended his directorial career despite the filmography that came before it. His excesses caused friction with star Swanson and spiralled from there. An initially good melodrama that just seems to get worse as it meanders forward and winds up just this side of ridiculous. Swanson is game throughout but is basically the whole show.

  10. Dominic Rainsford's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    There's certainly something about Gloria S. She makes a highly unconvincing teenager - which is presumably what she is supposed to be - but that arguably adds a further level of kinkiness to the whole operation, which has a vertiginous irresponsibility to it. But it's not a coherent movie, and probably wouldn't have been, even if completed.

  11. Alice Jansson's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    I found it very hard to enjoy this one. I was drawn in a first, but at its unfinished state (where the entire ending sequence is quickly resolved by a few slides) I think its rarely going to amuse anyone but die hard Strohem-fans.

  12. Demetria Moondance's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    Swanson's performance makes the whole film

  13. nein's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    My favourite Stroheim's film from the greatest three (meaning Greed and Foolish Wives). It has some hilarious moments, Erich turns out to be a pervert. The ending (which doesn't exist) spoiled it for me though. A whipping scene is a must-see. By the way, you must be wrong in the head if you don't love Gloria Swanson!

  14. Ramin S. Khanjani's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    What the other listed guys had to do this project? After removing Stroheim from the project, Swanson shot a scene that gives a sense of ending to the scenes of unfinished project. But i never heard about the involvement of other directors.

  15. Neil Bahadur's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    What a relief that Von Stroheim shot most of this on chronological order! Though brilliant, the real stand-outs are the 15-20 minutes of African footage, which eclipses anything from the vast majority of Stroheim's work. As Arthur Lennig points out, Stroheim contrasts Europe - Civilization, with Africa - Our human origins. And what are those origins? A Nightmare: A moral Death Valley.

  16. chanandre's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    [Cinémathèque PT #466: 35 mm] (2007)

  17. Anastasia's rating of the film Queen Kelly

    The scene with the cat and the dog is genius!