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  1. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Querelle

  2. captainfez's rating of the film Querelle

    Now That's What I Call Bromance, 1982 edition.

  3. Tutu888's rating of the film Querelle

    Despite te craftmanship of Fassbinder this feels more like Village People the movie. How can a gay director produce such a cliche movie about homosexuals? O course, as in almost all of Fassbinder's work, colours and camera are outstanding. But this cannot save this movie from being ridiculous.

  4. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Querelle

    I remember this being a lot naughtier the first time I saw it a few years back. Still, Brad Davis is...

  5. Cinemaficionado's rating of the film Querelle

    The perfect ending to Fassbinder. A gay fantasy with the glamour of a Hollywood musical and the heart of an intimate melodrama. And it's fucking weird.

  6. Lewis Taylor's rating of the film Querelle

    A fitting finale for the maverick - a bold, theatrical experience, flush with eroticism and steeped in gaudy, synthetic artifice. Not a rewarding story, but Querelle's world, alive with lust, violence and betrayal, is essential Fassbinder.

  7. Pierre.F's rating of the film Querelle

    Très bon film inspiré du roman de Jean Genet.

  8.'s rating of the film Querelle

    Faut s'accrocher à la branche, qd même et ça envoie du bois, comme on dit dans le jargon des backrooms. Esthétique carton/pato/gay (et pas gaz) superbe, réal très bonne comme d'hab, image aussi. Après, il faut avoir envie de se fader près de 2h d'enfilades frustrées sous fond d'échanges (aussi) d'opium, de vengeances fratricides en rade de Brest.

  9. filmotrope's rating of the film Querelle

    Fassbinder's last work only proves that he wasn't really in tune with Genet's vision to adapt one of his stories, since this is only a convoluted, aimless mess packed with ridiculous, pseudo-poetic dialogue and unable to make you feel any connection with its characters.

  10. PhKa's rating of the film Querelle

    ça vous marque l'adolescence ce genre de film ! ça vous révèle un homme !

  11. oooooo's rating of the film Querelle

  12. miles's rating of the film Querelle

    like if Terry Gilliam suddenly declared he was gay...

  13. FISCHER's rating of the film Querelle

    Oeuvre étrange et fascinante d'une sensualité déconcertante qui reste un superbe moment de cinéma, le chant du cygne du réalisateur...

  14. EdieEmm's rating of the film Querelle

    RWF's hilarious, anachronistic, operatic, lurid, technicolour, phallus-filled, sound stage adaptation - more like amplification - of Genet's Querelle. Watched it mid-way through reading the book, which resulted in more insight than a person might want into the workings of Fassbinder's brain. Dedicated to his own beautiful knife-wielder, El Hedi ben Salem. 3.5

  15. Paul and Wade's rating of the film Querelle

    For some reason that I don't understand, every moment of this film works for me. There's a kind of perfection about it; even its occasional clumsiness only intensifies the necessary and aggressive masculinity of certain of the scenes.

  16. AdrianM.'s rating of the film Querelle

    2,5 Ok Fassbinder, we get it. You're gay and you like gay stuff

  17. Renton47's rating of the film Querelle

    Almost unfathomable for me to wrap my head around this from one viewing. A transgressive adaptation which rather skilfully constructs a queer fever dream, playfully depicting even the homophobic as symbols of homoerotic repression. Remarkable aesthetics and sets, only bogged down by the density of RWF's eliciting of the literary in what should remain cinematic. That and a lack of clarity in plot and characters.

  18. Conor Black's rating of the film Querelle

  19.'s rating of the film Querelle

    Eclectic and plethoric but definitely a worth-see. What I loved in this film is its idiosyncratic cartoon-like and quasi theatrical aesthetics: the plot often oscillates from drama to narration to text to photography. Queer/gay/cabaret aesthetics are also very distinctive but play a second-fiddle role here IMO.

  20. Ricardo Branco's rating of the film Querelle

    each man kills the thing he loves

  21. Dries's rating of the film Querelle

    troppo gay anche se i dialoghi sono uno spasso :D

  22. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Querelle

  23. paxy's rating of the film Querelle

  24. ‏ㅤ's rating of the film Querelle

    "Querelle had entered into a kind of unspoken pact with the Devil. He had not written over either his body or his soul, but rather something which is just as valuable: a friend. And the death of this friend would sanctify his crime. It is our task to express the universal quality of a specific phenomenon. We are no longer concerned with a work of art – for a work of art is free."

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