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  1. Photo of Susan Farmy

    Susan Farmy Costume Design

  2. Photo of Rita Riggs

    Rita Riggs Costume Design

  3. Photo of Saul Bass

    Saul Bass Director, Producer

  4. Photo of George E. Mather

    George E. Mather Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Takahiro Yamaguchi

    Takahiro Yamaguchi Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Robert Bass

    Robert Bass Producer

  7. Photo of Ray Bradbury

    Ray Bradbury Screenplay

  8. Photo of Chuck Colwell

    Chuck Colwell Cinematography

  9. Photo of John Abbott

    John Abbott Cast

  10. Photo of Noah Hathaway

    Noah Hathaway Cast

  11. Photo of David Comfort

    David Comfort Cast

  12. Photo of Michael Mancini

    Michael Mancini Cast

  13. Photo of Damian Cavalieri

    Damian Cavalieri Cast

  14. Photo of Jay W. MacIntosh

    Jay W. MacIntosh Cast

  15. Photo of Bill Erwin

    Bill Erwin Cast

  16. Photo of Les Tremayne

    Les Tremayne Cast

  17. Photo of Sam Fontana

    Sam Fontana Cast

  18. Photo of Jeffrey A. Okun

    Jeffrey A. Okun Editing

  19. Photo of Elaine Bass

    Elaine Bass Music, Director, Producer

  20. Photo of Berington Van Campen

    Berington Van Campen Music

  21. Photo of John Brasher

    John Brasher Sound

  22. Photo of Roberta Doheny

    Roberta Doheny Sound