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  1. Photo of Jean-Jacques Annaud

    Jean-Jacques Annaud Director

  2. Photo of Gérard Brach

    Gérard Brach Screenplay

  3. Photo of J.H. Rosny Sr.

    J.H. Rosny Sr. Screenplay

  4. Photo of Véra Belmont

    Véra Belmont Producer

  5. Photo of Jacques Dorfmann

    Jacques Dorfmann Producer

  6. Photo of Denis Héroux

    Denis Héroux Producer

  7. Photo of John Kemeny

    John Kemeny Producer

  8. Photo of Claude Agostini

    Claude Agostini Cinematography

  9. Photo of Philippe Sarde

    Philippe Sarde Music

  10. Photo of Yves Langlois

    Yves Langlois Editing

  11. Photo of Everett McGill

    Everett McGill Cast

  12. Photo of Rae Dawn Chong

    Rae Dawn Chong Cast

  13. Photo of Ron Perlman

    Ron Perlman Cast

  14. Photo of Nicholas Kadi

    Nicholas Kadi Cast

  15. Photo of Gary Schwartz

    Gary Schwartz Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Gruskoff

    Michael Gruskoff Executive Producer