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  1. Photo of Paolo Genovese

    Paolo Genovese Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Luca Miniero

    Luca Miniero Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Fausto Brizzi

    Fausto Brizzi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Nicolas Vaporidis

    Nicolas Vaporidis Cast

  5. Photo of Massimiliano Bruno

    Massimiliano Bruno Cast and Screenplay

  6. Photo of Valentina Izumi

    Valentina Izumi Cast

  7. Photo of Ilaria Spada

    Ilaria Spada Cast

  8. Photo of Man Lo Zhang

    Man Lo Zhang Cast

  9. Photo of Francesco Pannofino

    Francesco Pannofino Cast

  10. Photo of Maurizio Mattioli

    Maurizio Mattioli Cast

  11. Photo of Franco Califano

    Franco Califano Cast

  12. Photo of Paola Tiziana Cruciani

    Paola Tiziana Cruciani Cast

  13. Photo of Hal Yamanouchi

    Hal Yamanouchi Cast

  14. Photo of Luca Angeletti

    Luca Angeletti Cast

  15. Photo of Giovanni Floris

    Giovanni Floris Cast

  16. Photo of Ettore Bassi

    Ettore Bassi Cast

  17. Photo of Gianfilippo Corticelli

    Gianfilippo Corticelli Cinematography

  18. Photo of Maurizio Filardo

    Maurizio Filardo Music

  19. Photo of Daniele Silvestri

    Daniele Silvestri Music

  20. Photo of Fulvio Lucisano

    Fulvio Lucisano Producer

  21. Photo of Federica Lucisano

    Federica Lucisano Producer

  22. Photo of Nicola Bonifati

    Nicola Bonifati Editing

  23. Photo of Alessandro Lucidi

    Alessandro Lucidi Editing