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  1. Photo of Francesco Falaschi

    Francesco Falaschi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Filippo Bologna

    Filippo Bologna Screenplay

  3. Photo of Stefano Ruzzante

    Stefano Ruzzante Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gianni Giannelli

    Gianni Giannelli Cinematography

  5. Photo of Matteo Petrini

    Matteo Petrini Cast

  6. Photo of Eugenia Costantini

    Eugenia Costantini Cast

  7. Photo of Paolo Sassanelli

    Paolo Sassanelli Cast

  8. Photo of Domenico Diele

    Domenico Diele Cast

  9. Photo of Glen Blackhall

    Glen Blackhall Cast

  10. Photo of Sergio Sgrilli

    Sergio Sgrilli Cast

  11. Photo of Paolo Migone

    Paolo Migone Cast

  12. Photo of Massimiliano Bruno

    Massimiliano Bruno Cast

  13. Photo of Edoardo Natoli

    Edoardo Natoli Cast

  14. Photo of Fabrizia Sacchi

    Fabrizia Sacchi Cast

  15. Photo of Cecilia Dazzi

    Cecilia Dazzi Cast

  16. Photo of Paola Freddi

    Paola Freddi Editing

  17. Photo of Pivio

    Pivio Music

  18. Photo of Aldo De Scalzi

    Aldo De Scalzi Music

  19. Photo of Luca Cresta

    Luca Cresta Music

  20. Photo of Claudio Pacini

    Claudio Pacini Music

  21. Photo of Grazia Materia

    Grazia Materia Costume Design