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  1. Photo of Marcus Mittermeier

    Marcus Mittermeier Director

  2. Photo of Martin Lehwald

    Martin Lehwald Producer

  3. Photo of David Haofmann

    David Haofmann Cinematography

  4. Photo of Sebastian Leukert

    Sebastian Leukert Sound

  5. Photo of Daniela Boch

    Daniela Boch Editing

  6. Photo of Andreas Hansch

    Andreas Hansch Production Design

  7. Photo of Julian Boyld

    Julian Boyld Music

  8. Photo of Thomas J. Blazek

    Thomas J. Blazek Cinematography

  9. Photo of Andrea guggenberger

    Andrea guggenberger Editing

  10. Photo of Cetin Tutak

    Cetin Tutak Editing

  11. Photo of Sarah Clara Weber

    Sarah Clara Weber Editing

  12. Photo of Gunther Kirsch

    Gunther Kirsch Sound

  13. Photo of Jan Henrik Stahlberg

    Jan Henrik Stahlberg Cast, Screenplay

  14. Photo of Fritz Roth

    Fritz Roth Cast

  15. Photo of Wanda Perdelwirz

    Wanda Perdelwirz Cast

  16. Photo of Lydia Stange

    Lydia Stange Cast

  17. Photo of Dieter Dost

    Dieter Dost Cast

  18. Photo of Holger Gronemann

    Holger Gronemann Cast

  19. Photo of Rainer Adler

    Rainer Adler Cast

  20. Photo of Joachim Kretzer

    Joachim Kretzer Cast