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  1. Photo of Franco Rossi

    Franco Rossi Director

  2. Photo of Ennio De Concini

    Ennio De Concini Screenplay

  3. Photo of Klaus Maria Brandauer

    Klaus Maria Brandauer Cast

  4. Photo of Frederic Forrest

    Frederic Forrest Cast

  5. Photo of Cristina Raines

    Cristina Raines Cast

  6. Photo of Max von Sydow

    Max von Sydow Cast

  7. Photo of Gabriele Ferzetti

    Gabriele Ferzetti Cast

  8. Photo of Barbara De Rossi

    Barbara De Rossi Cast

  9. Photo of Ángela Molina

    Ángela Molina Cast

  10. Photo of Massimo Girotti

    Massimo Girotti Cast

  11. Photo of Françoise Fabian

    Françoise Fabian Cast

  12. Photo of Philippe Leroy

    Philippe Leroy Cast

  13. Photo of Leopoldo Trieste

    Leopoldo Trieste Cast

  14. Photo of Olga Karlatos

    Olga Karlatos Cast

  15. Photo of Georges Wilson

    Georges Wilson Cast

  16. Photo of Marko Nikolic

    Marko Nikolic Cast

  17. Photo of Marisa Solinas

    Marisa Solinas Cast

  18. Photo of Annie Belle

    Annie Belle Cast

  19. Photo of Luigi Kuveiller

    Luigi Kuveiller Cinematography

  20. Photo of Piero Piccioni

    Piero Piccioni Music

  21. Photo of Luciano Ricceri

    Luciano Ricceri Production Design

  22. Photo of Elio Scardamaglia

    Elio Scardamaglia Producer

  23. Photo of Giorgio Serrallonga

    Giorgio Serrallonga Editing

  24. Photo of Jost Jakob

    Jost Jakob Costume Design